Save Room For Desert

Here at Nasty Gal, “What’s for lunch?” is almost as important as “Who makes your shoes?” We LOVE snack time, and just had to include a place on our new blog to talk about all these delicious bites, from the best farmers market in town to our favorite hole-in-the-wall bar. Yum. For all of you on the way down to Coachella Valley, our food contributor Zinzi from the band Kisses dishes on the perfect desert snack.

Sure, you could chow down on a gourmet burger at the Ace, load up on churros on the green or stick to a liquid lunch at any number of sponsored parties, but our favorite desert nosh-stop is miles away from all that: Hadley’s Fruit Orchard in Cabazon. (Plus, the festival wouldn’t let us in with our camera anyway. Exsqueeze us, we thought a DSLR was as ubiquitous as fringe, feathers and cut-offs. But I digress.)

You may very well have noticed this place if you’ve done the annual L.A.-to-Palm Desert trek. It’s there, right off the freeway, wedged between the weird luxury outlet mall and the Ruby’s 50s Diner. Evidently, Hadley knows a thing or two about desert delights: they’ve been growing their dates and drying them out—to delicious results!—since 1931. Part-market, part-diner, we always go in for a half-date, half-banana shake. The banana helps cut the dates’ more cloying tendencies, while little bits of date remind you that this shit was grown only a couple miles away. On the way out, we grab Okra chips for the road, which we pretend are healthy as we head due west to Indio.