Tangerine Dream

Every year, Pantone comes down from their Helvetica-Bertoia-Lomo cloud to tell us design plebes the color of the year. 2012’s is Tangerine (!). Since I’ve already stocked my closet with the citrusy hue, I thought it was only fitting to cook up an elixir using the real thing. My Tangerine Syrup is really sweet and refreshing mixed with seltzer water. I even muddled in a little sage (what a weirdo, right?), which was surprisingly delicious and a little savory.

Tangerine Syrup

Makes about a cup of deliciousness
Combine ¾ cups sugar (or more, or less, depending on how sweet your fruit is) with the juice of 3 pounds of tangerines.
Bring to boil in medium saucepan over medium-high until sticky and reduced, about 8 minutes. Remove and let cool.
Cover and refrigerate—it should keep for a couple of weeks.

P.S. It’s also pretty delicious in cocktails. Just saying.