Summertime And The Drankin’ Is Easy


Pour up, drank. Head shot, drank. Though our ideal summer would involve soaking up the sun in Tahiti, drinking umbrella cocktails, and getting fanned by some really buff babe, the reality is that we’ll probably have to stick to our inflatable pools and DIY drinks. But hey, we’re not complaining—especially since we’re going to show you how to upgrade your hunch-punch-red-plastic-cup situation with these easy (and delicious) cocktails. A few sips of these babies and you’ll feel like a beach bum in no time. —Zarna Surti, Junior Fashion Copywriter

Photos by Stephanie Gonot

If you like your cocktails sweet & spicy, you’ll definitely want to try this Watermelon-Jalapeño Margarita—we know everyone has a “that one time I drank tequila” moment, but we swear it deserves a second chance.

Watermelon-Jalapeño Margarita

3 ounces tequila

1 ounce lime juice

4 ounces watermelon juice

Fresh jalapeño slices

Salt for glasses, watermelon for garnish


1) Add tequila, lime juice, watermelon juice, and a slice of fresh jalapeño to cocktail shaker. Muddle like a boss.

2) Add ice, and shake it like a polaroid picture (is there even another way?).

4) Pour into a salt-rimmed glass, and garnish with watermelon and more jalapeño slices.

_MG_7219 2

This Miami-inspired Mango Mojito is perfect for those days you’re craving a South Beach getaway, but you won’t actually have to deal with frizzy hair or the insanity that is Ocean Avenue.

Mango Mojito

3 ounces rum

1.5 ounces fresh mango juice

2 tsp sugar

1/2 lime

8 fresh mint leaves

¼ cup club soda


1) Add sugar, peeled lime wedges, and mint into a glass. Muddle your heart out.

2) Add rum, mango juice, and ice. Shake (once again, like a polaroid picture).

3) Pour into glass, and top with club soda. We know one of you is going to have an exploding club soda situation, so please ladies, use wisely.


You guys. We’ve got to stop it with the sake bombs (ok, we’re not going to rule them out completely, but you get the picture). This awesome Cucumber, Ginger, and Sake Sangria is the ultimate sake drink, AND it has vegetables in it, so it’s just as healthy as eating a salad…..right?

Cucumber, Ginger, and Sake Sangria

-2-3 ounces sake

-1 ounces sparkling sake (or club soda)

-3 cucumber slices

-2 tsp sugar

-2 tsp finely chopped ginger

Lemon and cucumber slices for garnish


1) Add cucumber slices, sugar, and ginger into glass. Muddle while you browse our latest arrivals.

2) Add chilled sake and sparkling sake (or club soda, but let’s be real, the boozier the better).

3) Stir and serve with cucumber and lemon slices. Also, be prepared for your friends to find out how fancy you are.