Look Who I Found!

I’m finally back from NYC! It was a short trip and a successful one, but I’m looking forward to hunkering down over the upcoming holiday months to shoot and fill the store with as many goodies as we can!

I met up with the lovely Lulu on the last night of my trip, and hopped across the city’s many puddles to a few bars–from Plumm (read Lulu’s post for the full story on that adventure), to La Esquina (we gobbled down an entire half-chicken), and finally to the Max Fish, where we attracted many a creepazoid/hanger-on.

I think the weirdest/most awkward moment was when my eye began to hurt, and I asked Lulu if she could see if there was anything in it. The dude next to us overheard, and started rifling through his bag to get something, and then muttered “I have some eyedrops…”

I responded with a quick “Thank you, but I don’t really share eyedrops with strangers.” He looked pretty hurt and confused, but needless to say it was worth not risking pink eye or something worse.