Elle China!


Reading Elle China is exciting enough when it’s just for inspiration, but I was lucky enough to be interviewed in their September issue on newsstands now! I’ve pasted the interview in English below ๐Ÿ™‚


Please introduce yourself? Where do you live now? What do you do for living and for fun? I’m Sophia Amoruso. I founded shopnastygal.com three years ago, and sell amazing vintage and new designers to stylish girls all over the world.

Do you live with somebody else? (with family? or pet?) I live alone but see my boyfriend often. There is a family of Doves in my parking garage that feel like pets, but none I can really call my own.

Who and what was inspired you to start this business? I saw a gap in the online vintage marketplace, wanted to fill it by bringing current street and high fashion to the vintage world with styling and presentation.

What your inspirations come from most of time? And where you take your inspirations to? I’m inspired by so many things. Teenagers are always inspiring. What they are doing, how they are doing it. Personalities and celebrities of the past are great inspirations, as well as old magazines and films.

What s the most important thing for you when you are working? To have caffeine.

Do you have some “bad habit” when working? Not eating.

Your favorite colour? Is black a color?

Who is your icon? Why? Ahhh, Betty Davis whose album “Nasty Gal” I named my business after.

What are you most vain about? My eyes.

What are you most shy about? My thighs.

What cant you travel without? My laptop, my ipod, a magazine and a notebook.

Favorite place to shop? Most of my finds are from our own racks of vintage! I’m lucky I don’t have to go far.

Whose diary would you most like to read? Our family dog’s when growing up. What that Poodle witnessed I’ve since forgotten, and I’d love to hear what was going through her Poodle head.

What you most wanted buy recently? The Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony wedges.

When and where are you happiest? On a large piece of grass, on a sunny day, with music blaring. Either that or blasting metal down an open road.

What piece of art would you most like to own? Any of Alec Soth’s photographs.

What are you favorite vacation spots? I don’t have time for vacations!

Most treasured possession? A small sculpture of a monk that belonged to my grandparents. It’s magical.

What is your favorite junk food? Bon bons.

What is your favorite sport? Bicycling!

Favorite fashion designers? Givenchy, Alexander Wang, YSL.

Favorite musicians? Mercyful Fate.

Favorite movies? El Topo.

What are you reading now? I’m a dork. Inc. Magazine.

What are you listening at the moment? The sound of our shipping clerk’s tape gun.

Favorite trend of all time? Glam rock. Towering platforms, theatrical ensembles, and glitter…

Worst trend of all time? Ugg boots.

You always? Win.

Never… Lose.