How To: The 24-Hour Vacation

sophia amoruso ace hotel palm springs

Think it’s impossible to skip town for 24 hours, crash at a hotel some Friday night and still make it home in time for your Sunday brunch? It’s not! I just pulled it off — tips below…

sophia amoruso at ace hotel palm springs

The Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, CA – wearing the Sahara Stripe Dress & Muffin Top Shades

1. Never unpack. Keep a small set of travel toiletries at home to throw into a bag at the drop of a hat. Makes a quick trip much less taxing when prep is super simple — also comes in handy when staying at the boyfriend’s place!

2. Get drunk early. If you’re going to, start early! This way, you’ll recover by check-out time.

3. Get up early. You’ll beat the breakfast rush, get the best seat by the pool, and be so over roasting in the sun that you won’t have to wait until some jerk steals your chaise before realizing it’s time to go.

4. Plan an excursion. Or even a splurgin’ diversion! So yeah, do something interesting on your way home. We visited the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway which climbs thousands of feet to a mountaintop in just ten minutes. Punctuating your trip with different experiences will make it feel even longer.

5. Take lots of pictures. So you only had 24 hours to get there and get back — but no one has to know! Take lots of pictures that make those few hours look like you just spent two weeks at Turks and Caicos. And be sure not to dump them all on Instagram at once. The vacation doesn’t end until the internet thinks it does…