So…Forbes. When I was first contacted by Victoria, I was shocked — no business publication has yet told our story, while for years I’ve read Inc, Fast Company, Entrepreneur…all great magazines, but Forbes, man — it’s a gangster’s dream. It’s exciting and bewildering to think about how fast Nasty Gal has taken off. I’m so grateful to everyone who’s helped along the way, but equally as grateful to the naysayers. To someone like myself, hearing “no” on many occasions just means “be creative and NO becomes YES.” I think that’s the most exciting thing about what we’ve built — that if you say it, believe it, and move in your dreams’ general direction, it’s possible to do anything.

I look at the photos in the Forbes piece and think “do I look like a business lady?” and am terrified to know the answer. Yes, I’m a lady, and I do business. And I put on my Forbes face for this piece. But just like “NO” can mean “creative YES”, seeing myself in Forbes is an even greater reminder to KEEP IT WEIRD. After all, #nastygalsdoitbetter!

To read the entire piece, and learn about my brief stint as a Sandwich Artist, click here.