Travelin’ Vibes


So there’s a lot going on in my life these days—just like always!—but two things that are pretty major. First: I bought a convertible. See above. And second: I’m about to head to Europe for two weeks. See below. So I rounded up some things that I’ll be taking with me, and I’ll also be sending a few postcards from abroad—in the form of blog posts—so check back!

1. Beauty Must-Haves:

I always take an eyebrow pencil with me when I’m traveling, because perfectly filled in brows can make you look pulled together even when you’re not wearing any other make-up. And I couldn’t live without Clé de Peau concealer. It helps make up for lack of sleep when you’re out all night drinking wine, and it already sounds fancy and French.

2. Reading Material:

The Harvard Business Review. Everyone should be reading this. Stop it. I’m not kidding.

3. Travelin’ Jams:

Bryan Ferry’s “The In Crowd.” Bryan Ferry is the original cool.


4. Totally Essential Dress:

This Deuces Maxi Dress is perfect for traveling and I’ll be wearing it all over Europe.


5. Fave Poolside Treat:

Gelato! Ok, here’s a true shameful story—the first time I went to Spain, I only ate Ben & Jerry’s because I thought that tiny scoops of gelato were a rip-off. Bad American! But now my favorite flavor is chocolate hazelnut. And gimme that tiny scoop. I want it!