Cult & Chat

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I never thought I’d join a cult (um… not really the type to be brainwashed) but now that Nasty Gal is launching Shoe Cult—our very first footwear collection—I am totally a disciple!


This week, I headed to New York to host a dinner to celebrate the upcoming launch of Shoe Cult. We’re really excited about this collection—it’s a huge milestone for the company. Being able to give our customers the chance to wear head-to-toe Nasty Gal, well, that feels incredible.

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We got to invite some of our favorite people to the dinner, and I had so much fun with Alexandra Richards, Emily Weiss, Mia Moretti, Jenne Lombardo, Stevie Dance, May Kwok…oh man, the list goes on! It’s pretty inspiring to be able to spend an evening with a bunch of girls who are smart and talented, and I’m really grateful that all these people have our back and are so supportive of Nasty Gal. The rest of my time in New York was a blast: I had a few fangirl moments (two Bobbys in one month!) and even got to chat it up with

Also—can’t forget this—Nasty Gal is on SnapChat! Add us at “nastygal” because you never know what you might get!

xoxo, Sophia