London Calling


During my two week romp through Europe, London was calling my name (queue The Clash) the whole time. And what a perfect city to visit before I headed back to sunny Los Angeles. Not only was I in town for an historic London moment with the birth of the Royal Baby (you capitalize Royal Baby, right?), but I also had quite a few moments that are going to go down in my own history books. Also, the above photo is at a restaurant. Don’t worry about it.

1. On our very first night, we went out with some new friends and got caught in the rain. We ducked into a little bar and danced to this song to wait it out. London is rainy, who knew!?

2. The David Bowie Retrospective at the V&A is out of this world.


3. Bowie wasn’t the only hero I got to hang with on this trip. I also got to sip some wine with the super-inspiring Natalie Massenet, who started Net-a-Porter.


4. Oysters are an acquired taste—and I’ve acquired it. The ones we had in London were so good! Here I am in a brief moment of repose, right before I demolished them.


5. On my last day, I made time for some vintage shopping, followed by a little TCB with some London big-wigs. European adventure = a total success. I’ll be back soon, no doubt, but here are a few songs to remind me of my trip.