Music on the Mind


Since I’ve been back in Los Angeles, I’ve been soaking up all the quintessential L.A. stuff that I missed so much. I’ve squeezed in some concerts, hung out with little miss Donna Bummer (the Disco Drag Poodle) and gotten in some good beach time—because that’s why we live here, right? I’ve been listening to a ton of music throughout it all, so from my brain to yours, here’s what’s on my mind.—xoxo, Sophia

1. My homecoming anthem: For as sunny as it is here in Los Angeles, it’s actually a surprisingly gothy city. I saw Peter Murphy of Bauhaus rip it up a few days after I got back from my Europe trip.


2. Essential tee:  I’m pretty casual at heart, and I think that a perfectly torn up rock tee is as classic and must-have as the perfect bag. But the thing about the perfect tee is that you don’t find it, it finds you. I will always prefer vintage, because they fit better and I like to imagine the freaks that wore it before me. You’ve probably spotted me in this one an embarrassing number of times.


3. Rock n’ roll makeup:  Eyeliner from the night before is my tried and true. Lancôme ARTLINER seems to have the best morning after wear. It’s a little bit glam, a little bit weary and totally metal.


4. Favorite L.A. music venue:  The Henry Fonda Theater on Hollywood Blvd is my favorite spot right now (that probably has something to do with seeing Peter Murphy there). It’s a historic spot and the sound system is great. Don’t get me wrong—I’ll always love seeing shows in a grimy bars, but a beautiful backdrop is good, too.


5. Radio ready:  Music and chilling by the pool/beach/any available body of water go hand-in-hand in the summer (especially if you throw in a few beers, like we did at our No Bummer Summer pool party last weekend). I also hit up Malibu wearing this one piece.