Rising & Raging & Rock On


I traveled like crazy this summer, and while I’m always down for an adventure, I actually love being at home. I’ll be in paradise, and all of a sudden be like ‘I miss my pillow!’ So after hitting New York and Europe in the past two months, I’m ready to take everything I learned on those trips and hunker down in LA to take care of some serious business (well, as serious as we get around here). Sadly, this means I’m missing out on New York Fashion Week, which is kind of a bummer, but several members of the Nasty Gal team are there, so I—and you—can still live vicariously through them!


Shoe Cult takes NYC: That Fashion Week is happening while we’re in NYC is just a bonus, because the main reason our team decamped for the Big Apple was so that we could basically turn the entire city population into Shoe Cult converts. We held an open casting in Washington Square Park to find Shoe Cult models, and our minds were blown by the legions of awesome girls who showed up, ready to get their photos snapped and join The Cult. We’re also hosting a brunch with some of our favorite bloggers, and then a rager to end all ragers—the city might not be standing on Saturday morning. Follow us on Twitter to get all the details.


Fashion Week Flashbacks: It’s so funny to look at these pictures from last fashion week, because we all look so cold and it’s in the 90s and burning up here in Los Angeles right now. I learned a few tricks of the fashion week trade that time around, and they basically boil down this: lipstick, shoes and the perfect bag. I became obsessed with the coat and hat that you see above last time (pretty sure I only took them off to sleep), but I always changed up my lipstick. Right now, I’m really into the Lime Crime palette because they have a ton of really bold shades. For shoes, you need a style that can go from day to night and that you’re going to be comfortable wearing for 18 hour days—I think these Shoe Cult Reaction Booties fit the bill. Lastly, while carrying just a clutch seems ideal, you will inevitably end up hauling around a lot more shit than you’d think. I can cram everything I need in here, and bonus—it’s totally reversible!


Nasty Gal Collection Fall 2013: If you’ve seen these ads (above) in Teen Vogue and Nylon, then you know something really special  is right around the corner—yep, our latest collection! It hits the store on Monday, so be readddyyyyy…


Heavy Metal Summer: So if—and this is a big IF—Nasty Gal ever has a fashion show, you can bet the models would tear down the runway to some heavy-fucking-metal. This week I went to see Black Sabbath, and I got to hang with the Prince of Darkness himself, Ozzy Osbourne,  as well as Kelly and Sharon. I love my parents, but if the Osbournes want to adopt me, I’m game (Sharon and Ozzy – I have a steady job and also a very cute poodle, amongst many other qualifications. Plus, I love English Breakfast tea).  Ever since the show, I’ve been blasting the Sabbath and revisiting my all-time favorite songs. There’s nothing like reliving your old corpse paint days.