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Wednesday, September 4, 2013 Guest Edit: On Campus with Part Nouveau


Vassar Students, 1956

On our first time time-traveling adventure with Lilah Ramzi of Part Nouveau, she taught us that when it comes to swimwear, skimpy has been in since before movies were in color. In her second installment, Lilah guides us through different decades on the college campus.

“I’ve decided to look back (way back) at the fashions of past semesters and found that when it comes to collegiate fashion, old traditions die hard. The perennial staples of pleated skirts, plaids and knee socks seem to defy the fashion cycle, coming back each fall just in time for class. Doing what I do best, scroll down for eight Part Nouveau-style comparisons juxtaposing co-ed fashions of the past alongside their modern day Nasty Gal counterparts.” -Lilah Ramzi


Parade Magazine, May 30, 1954


Life Magazine, Photographed by Nina Leen, 1948


Sewing Pattern from 1956


PE Uniform from 1962


Life Magazine, Photographed by Nina Leen, c. 1940s


Life Magazine, Photographed by Nina Leen, c. 1950s


Wellesley College, Life Magazine, 1938

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As a graduate student of fashion history, I have come to the realization that much of the creative material produced and designed today has its roots in a previous incarnation or is essentially part nouveau. Part Nouveau can be used to characterize fashion photography, fashion trends and ultimately anything within the creative field that borrows, re-appropriates or is directly inspired by a work which preceded it. The blog seeks to aid our contemporary eyes, so used to being presented with the newest and latest within the creative world, to recognize and give credit to what has come before.