#GIRLBOSS Book Tour: Part 1


Dudes, the #GIRLBOSS tour is officially underway, and I’m going to share all my behind-the-scenes pics as I travel to different cities across the U.S. To kick it off, check out my champagne-filled hangs in Soho.

Here, I’m en route to NYC with an iced green tea in hand. I’m wearing a Shakuhachi dress, Stella McCartney coat and Acne boots.


It’s spring in New York and the hotel room has a terrace. Paradise. As soon as I landed, the champagne toast was on.


Hair and makeup! I’m wearing the After Party Rain Check Trench Coat.


Dancing all night at Paul’s Baby Grand. It feels like a tropical island with all the coolest kids from the city. They don’t allow pics so I had to sneak this one in the bathroom.


Signing copies of #GIRLBOSS with champagne in hand, obviously.


The girls: Leandra Medine and Danni Jo. Leandra crashed my brunch with Danni and major #GIRLBOSS moments ensued.