#Girlboss Radio: Alexi Wasser, Actor-Writer-Comedian

Meet the multi-hyphenate who’s telling it like it is and making us LOL.


To call Alexi Wasser a blogger would be scratching the surface at best. The L.A.-based funny girl is a writer, actor, and comedian, and injects an honest balance of sarcasm and vulnerability into everything she does. The most recently added title in the multi-hyphenate’s arsenal is host of her very own podcast on the cult favorite Nerdist Network called Love, Alexi, where she talks to a new guest each week about everything from dating to sex to feeling all the feelings. Aka she’s a total natural at being a goddamn #Girlboss. Whether she’s explaining how to get over your insecurities in a home video or sharing her uninhibited experiences with guys on her blog, I’m Boy Crazy, her raw take on topics is so relatable it’s pretty much addictive. For more on Alexi, tune into this week’s episode of #Girlboss Radio, where she and Sophia cover everything from hustling your brand and putting in 10,000 hours to crashing Will Smith’s wedding. It’s a good one, guys.