#Girlboss Radio: Cassandra Grey, Founder & CEO, Violet Grey

Pretty, much? Pretty much.


 When it comes to beauty, Cassandra Grey knows what women want—even when they don’t know it themselves. Her West Hollywood-based company Violet Grey connects women everywhere with killer online products through a rigorous process dubbed the “Violet Code” along with trusted recs from experts in the industry–from makeup artists to magazine editors. With a ridiculous number of “magical elixirs” out there, it’s basically an exercise in impeccable curation, which she and her team of 40 have now mastered. This week on #Girlboss Radio, Cassandra sat down with Sophia to chat about not feeling comfortable in her own skin, what it really means to be beautiful, and what it takes to slay the beauty game. Listen in here, read more here, or press play below.