#Girlboss Radio: Melissa Biggs Bradley, Founder & CEO, Indagare

Don’t trip. Or do, but only with Melissa on your team.


Melissa Biggs Bradley is hacking the travel industry. After getting her start in publishing as a magazine fact checker, traveling to over 100 countries,and mastering the true meaning of luxury (hint: it’s not about the money), she started the boutique travel agency Indagare, Latin for “discover.” Part inspirational content, part commerce, Indagare connects travelers looking for a kick-ass trip with experts who have actually been there and know their stuff. Plus, she built the company on honesty (fact checking FTW), unlike so many bunk services–so that’s one less trust issue you have to deal with. On this week’s episode of #Girlboss Radio, she sits down with Sophia to talk about traveling on the cheap, the motivational book she makes all of her employees read, and how being outside the industry actually benefitted her. Listen in on their convo here, read more here, or press play below.