#Girlboss Radio: Yesi Ortiz, Radio Host for Power 106

So much Yesi.

Photo by Ryan Orange

To say that Yesi Ortiz, aka “The Voice of L.A.,” worked her way to #Girlboss status would be a vast understatement–it was a fight. As an Orange County native, she grew up painfully shy, struggling through ESL classes, and by 14 was completely BTS stocking sodas and washing silverware in her Uncle’s tiny corner market. But a couple years later, with sights set on a future in nursing, she took a chance on a broadcasting course and found that her shy personality melted away when she was in a studio behind closed doors. Her career started taking off almost immediately, but success came at a price, namely: commuting from Long Beach to Las Vegas, taking a shitty radio job in Mexico, and enduring the men who constantly told her she had no idea what she was doing and would never make it. All this while fighting for custody of her sister’s SIX children after a domestic dispute left them in foster care. In this episode, she sits down with Sophia to talk about the two hour interview that earned her a dream job at Power 106–L.A.’s biggest hip hop station, balancing single motherhood to six kids with a job that starts at 5am,  and why a resolve to act with good intentions is the fool-proof key to success. Listen in on their convo here, read more here, or press play below.