Girls in the Yard: Bosco + Speakerfoxxx

Best buds and bad bitches, this power duo is dropping a mixtape to get your party lit.


It’s about damn time these Atlanta-based badasses team up. Years-long friends and musicians Bosco and Speakerfoxxx have been tearing it up in their individual scenes for years (electronic and hip hop respectively), but not till now have they merged creative forces. Enter Girls in the Yard, their eclectic mixtape of party jams that’ll have you putting your back into it. The pair will be rocking (/dropping) mics at SXSW this weekend–and taking us along for the ride with a backstage Snapchat takeover–so before the onset of Austin mayhem, we stole them away for a chat about meeting on a doomed styling gig, flexing their girl power in a male-dominated industry, and why they owe the whole project to a good ‘ole southern snowstorm.

How did the two of you meet?

SF: We’d lived in Atlanta for a long time, doing our own musical stuff and styling–we both do styling on the side–but we’d never met. Then a friend of ours who’s a designer brought us both onto a project to style this artist he was working with from Africa. The project didn’t work out, the artist hated everything we picked out, BUT Bosco and I basically became best friends immediately after meeting.
B: We were friends for a long time before we ever thought about doing a project together. I was a big fan of her work; she’s the queen of her scene–but we never thought about collaborating until this year, which is weird. We were always just song buddies; we would give songs as gifts. That was our thing.
SF: Yeah, we had always influenced each other. Neither of us has a specific genre that we adhere to, but Bosco’s vibe is a little more electronic and ambient based, and mine is more southern hip hop based. We both listen to all types of music, so we would get together to trade music and bounce ideas off each other. But as far as collaborating, that really started to make sense to us this year.

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What happened this year that made y’all suddenly want to collaborate?

SF: I was supposed to be in Dubai over the holidays with Master P–he’s like an old school rapper–but the Dubai trip fell through. Bosco was in town for the holidays–
B: I was supposed to be gone, but my flight had gotten cancelled because there was a huge snowstorm.
SF: So she stayed at my house, and we started writing and coming up with ideas together. One thing led to another; it was a very organic evolution.

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Tell us about the mixtape!

SF: The mixtape is a party. There are a couple down tempo tracks, but we wanted to make something that was a lot of fun, that celebrated our diverse tastes. We love old house, reggae, electronic music–we wanted to mix all of it together and show off all the different sounds we’re into.

What’s inspiring you right now?

B: I’m inspired by a lot of garage post-punk music, trip hop, international street style–Speakerfoxx and I are both influenced by Japanese street culture. We draw a lot of inspiration from anime and Japanese hair styles. Speakerfoxx is a hairdresser as well, so she’s very on-point with trends and what’s new in hair culture. And also badass girls. I’m really into this whole feminine energy that’s happening right now, which is really why I wanted to collaborate with Speakerfoxx. In the music industry, I work with a lot of men–it’s a very male-dominated field–and sometimes my voice gets overshadowed. I’m sure Speakerfoxx feels the same, working with a lot of rappers. It’s been amazing to collaborate with her and express a feminine side that’s fun and flirty, but also have that edgy roughness in the music.
SF: I’m inspired by wallpaper and patterns. Like, old Gucci prints and large geometric shapes. I’m also inspired by Young Thug–
SF: And by dance hall and Jamaican music. Palm trees, mod clothing–I’m wearing a suit right now with this art deco necklace. Bosco and I are both very androgynous, so I love big shapes–big jerseys mixed with short skirts that show off your legs. I love mixing male and female elements.


What are you guys stoked on for SXSW?

SF: I’m excited for food trucks and hot weather and short shorts.
B: And cute boys.
SF: Yes, cute boys.
B: I’m SO stoked on the Snapchat takeover with you guys.

YASSS! Tell us about the Snapchat takeover!

B: I’ve been wanting to do something like that for a while, so I’m pretty excited. We have a lot of fun SXSW events and parties we’re going to. Speakerfoxxx has some really cool shows going on–Fader Fort, specifically–a showcase with some rappers I really like. I’m just excited to work with her in her crowd, and to have her come with me into my crowd through this collaboration we’re doing. We’re bringing both of our audiences together–I can’t wait.
SF: And I think it’s really fun that we’re already such good friends, because we’ll bring all that chemistry into our performances. At the end of the day, we’re best friends, we’re hanging out, we’re bringing our individual scenes together.
B: She’s holding her shit down now; she’s holding it down for the girls. She can go toe-to-toe with Metro Boomin, with all of those people. It’s good for me to see her killing it in her scene, and vice versa.

Check out the Nasty Gal Snapchat this weekend to get wild with the queens of the ATL, and scroll on for “Beemer,” the single from their sick party playlist, dropping in full April 11th!

Styled by Trévon Williams
Photos by Pierre Pastel