Listen Up: Volume 1

Drop everything—these are the three artists you need to know about right now.



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Joyce Wrice might be the nicest person you’ve ever met—insanely polite, soft spoken, and eyes that light up every time you bring up big dogs (her favorites are Rottweilers and pit bulls)–oh, did we mention that she spends her spare time tutoring kids how to speak English?  “My mom is from Japan and my dad is from Louisiana and Michigan, so I’m fluent in Japanese and English,” says Joyce while playing with her signature mane. Yea, she’s the literal best.

But her sweet, innocent exterior takes a back seat when you start listening to her R&B-inspired jams—full of deep grooves, unexpected melodies, and post midnight-ready lyrics. Her Tamia and Brandy-inspired riffs ooze every feeling you want to feel when you’re singing into a hairbrush. From ’80s-infused tracks like “Ain’t No Need” to ’90s throwbacks like “I Want You”, the girl that came up doing ukelele covers on YouTube has us dying for more—the good news? We don’t have to wait much longer: Her EP drops in early April.

Favorite track: “Home Alone”

For more on Joyce + upcoming tour dates, check out her website here.



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“My style is: I can’t afford anything else,” says Maxine with a smirk on her face that reveals just a bit of her gold tooth decal. Raised in the Bronx with her Puerto-Rican family, Maxine is a mix of New York grit with unapologetic sexiness—a combination you don’t find often.

Pharrell’s wife found her on YouTube and she’s been working with the hip-hop legend himself (AKA her “annoying older brother”) ever since. She’s got an edge to her R&B and pop-infused jams and in our current obsession “Lobster” Maxine crusades over a heavy track with her slurred, sultry lyrics, claiming, “I be just fine smokin’ good, livin’ prosper.” Her low maintenance vibes and insane talent are rare in Los Angeles—she’s only been here three weeks and we don’t see her changing any time soon. When we ask her about her ever-evolving style and hair colors she says she just asks herself, “What character do I wanna be today?” If you ask us, we wanna be Maxine Ashley.

Favorite track: “6 UNDERGROUND”

For more on Maxine, check out her website here.



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“It all started when I was nine years old, my grandpa bought me all of the Diana Ross & The Supremes albums and said, ‘You need to understand this.’ He was looking for ways to empower me.” If you’re looking for powerful and positive, you’ve come to the right place.

From disco-inspired tracks like “Front Line” and “Don’t Fight It” to her EP with TOKiMONTA to her collaborations with Mayer Hawthorne, she has us throwing solo dance parties in our underwear and singing her songs at the top of our lungs. Her live performances— where energetic vocals meet serious moves (she studied dance throughout high school and college) make us wish we could be her. But she’s not your average pop star saying, “’When you’re doing pop music, it’s really easy to slip into a world of being more pleasing to the ear and worrying about making something catchy than just making something authentic. So it’s taken me a while—even though I want to make very accessible, popular music, it’s important to be real about what’s going on in my life.” If you want to see Gavin in all of her fringe-wearing-hair-flipping glory, be sure to come to her residency at the Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles (we’re gonna be there, let’s drink beer and dance together).

Favorite track: “Surrender”

For more on Gavin + upcoming tour dates, check out her website here.