Anna Lunoe Gets Radioactive

The baddest babe in electronic music is slaying on the sound waves.


If you haven’t heard of Anna Lunoe by now, you’re kinda fucking up. The Aussie native got her start in radio when she was only 19. After touring with The Weeknd and Banks in 2013, she made history this year as the first female solo artist to ever take over EDC’s main stage as the headliner. Now she’s on to her next endeavor: HYPERHOUSE, a weekly radio show on Apple Music’s Beats 1 station. We chatted with Anna about her new single, “Radioactive,” all the big thangs coming up on HYPERHOUSE, and why owning your shit is key to being a badass.

We freaked out over your new single, “Radioactive.” Is there any message you hoped to evoke with this song?
This single is a little message to myself to turn fear and frustration into power! I would love if other people felt that too.

You’ve joined the likes of What So Not, RÜFÜS DU SOL, and Cut Snake by signing with Sweat It Out. Congrats! Why did decide to go with them over anyone else?
“Radioactive” is being released on Sweat in Australia and OWSLA worldwide. Sweat It Out released the very first track I made–we have a long history together! The last few years I was signed to a major label and now that I am not [signed] again, I’m just doing what feels right and working with people I like.

You got your start in radio years ago and now have your weekly radio show, HYPERHOUSE on Beats 1. Why go back to radio and what do you hope your fans take away by tuning in?
As a music lover, radio was such a powerful learning tool and outlet for my curiosity–both through listening to it and creating it. I take my show seriously as an opportunity to make sure that good music gets heard. I’m so grateful to have this opportunity to make sure amazing music finds homes in people’s lives and that artists get more exposure.


HYPERHOUSE is currently on its second national tour. How do you anticipate this tour being different from last year’s?
Last year I was kind of petrified before the tour. We had no idea how it would go and were all just making up the rules as we went along–it was SOOOO scary and fun. This year I’m just straight excited!!! It’s gonna be amazing.

There have been countless guests on HYPERHOUSE this year already like Krewella, Diplo, Sweater Beats, Madeux, just to name a few. Who’s been the most memorable?
I couldn’t possibly choose! But TT The Artist came in this week, and she’s phenomenal. She’s such a talented artist who has created her own universe: she self-released, A&R-ed, and promoted her own debut album. She directs and produces her own videos, not to mention writes the craziest music! She really inspires me, and I can’t wait to share her with the world this week.

You’ve accomplished what so many artists dream of accomplishing by headlining the main stage at EDC. What that was like?
Oh man, so overwhelming. I had flown from Australia two days before, and then I couldn’t sleep when I got here because I was too nervous. So going into it I was so out of whack… but the second I got on stage I felt so much adrenaline. I cant even explain it. I went crazy and came off stage screaming! It was one of the most intense and unforgettable experiences ever.


Incorporating your own vocals into your tracks is part of what makes them so rad. You sang live during Destructo’s set on this year’s Holy Ship–have you ever sung live during your own set? And if not, do you anticipate doing so?
I sing whenever I feel like it, actually. I do it a fair bit if people seem to be into the track. I know I should probably be more precious about sound quality, etc., but I like to think of it like punk: it’s not going to sound like the record, and I don’t want it to. It’s going to sound rough, but I’m going to give it everything, and hopefully it gives the audience something real.

You have bragging rights to some legit #Girlboss moments. What advice do you have to our readers for making the impossible possible?
Oh man, I’ve really had to work on owning my shit and taking control of my situation. People don’t realize how much work being an artist is. Running a brand and business and doing that from a position of strength can be so challenging. I’m always learning and understanding myself better. Confidence is key, and so is being kind but strong in your kindness. You have to know when to stick up for yourself–that’s key. And surround yourself with the best people you can, people who believe you can do anything, even if they are less experienced at first. Work your ass off and don’t let anyone make you feel like you can’t do what your heart wants to do.

Photos by Elizabeth De La Piedra