GRIT’s New EP Salutes the Anti-Love Song

We’re premiering their gritty debut, “L.A. Don’t Love You,” right here, right now.


If garage rock and the blues had a baby, it would grow up to be GRIT. The Los Angeles-based band just dropped their debut EP, which frontwoman Kat Meoz dubs “the soundtrack of my inner voice.” Her raw lyrics and raspy voice pour over cutting riffs and shreds, giving way to 12-and-a-half sweet minutes of cathartic release. Here’s Kat:

“After years grinding in LA, I made the sickening decision to move back to Las Vegas, where I grew up. The day I told my family the news, I got an out-of-the-blue call to be a songwriting assistant to a legendary songwriter—it was random as fuck. For my interview, I was told to bring a guitar and play some songs I’d written. I got off the phone, immediately wrote “LA Don’t Love You,” and played it the next day at the interview. I was hired on the spot, and that job kept me truckin’ in L.A. for going on over two years now.”

Check out “L.A. Don’t Love You” below:

Photo by Taylor Wallace.