Francisca Valenzuela Just Keeps Getting Cooler

And soon she’ll have Girlschool bragging rights, too. Damn, girl.

Daughter of Chilean scientists and upcoming Girlschool performer, Francisca Valenzuela, is no stranger to experimentation. At seven years old, she began studying music in her hometown of San Francisco, CA, and soon enough was versed in acoustic guitar and classical piano. After her family moved back to Santiago, Chile, she turned her gaze to poetry, and by the time she was 13 years old had published her first collection of poems and illustrations, Defenseless Waters. (The book’s foreword was written by famed Chilean novelist Isabel Allende–not too shabby.) At 17, Valenzuela returned to the States, this time to Boston to study at Berklee College of Music, and three years later released her first album, Muérdete La Lengua. The album went gold in Chile and earned her the title “Princess of Rock” by Chilean press. After the release of her sophomore album, Buen Soldado, Francisca formed her own independent record label, Frantastic Records, in 2013, and used it as the platform for her 2014 release, Tajo Abierto, dubbed one of the best albums of 2014 by iTunes Chile. And if all that wasn’t sufficiently badass, she also partnered with Chilean retailer, Foster, to churn out two mod and ska-inspired collections. Joder, tía. We recently had Francisca into our studio and got to ask her about her most memorable #Girlboss moment to date. Here’s what she told us:

There have been a few moments. The first was when I decided to found my own label and production company, and commit to being an independent artist in the Latin world when no label wanted me. And then, later, when I was offered contracts but decided to continue independently because I wasn’t comfortable signing such aggressive agreements with those who did not really understand me as an artist. Also when I founded the Latin American feminist festival and platform Ruidosa, “to make noise, to rumble,” in response to the sexism and low participation of women in the Latin American music industry.

Check out a few of Francisca’s Girlschool cohorts chatting with us from their Lyft rides, and have a listen to her newest work in the Soundcloud below.

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Styling by Keely Murphy
Photo by Juan Azulay