Girlschool 2017: Soto Voce’s Mia Soto Is Putting Down Roots

For this Girlschool artist, home is where the stage is.


Mia Soto is hitting her stride. The trans woman and vocalist of electro-pop duo Soto Voce will grace Echo Park’s Bootleg stage Sunday 1/29 for the all-lady Girlschool music fest, alongside her co-collaborator, Miguel De Vivo. The two found each other in Los Angeles having both survived their own versions of diaspora: Mia from Oakland, where her gender identity was met with physical and verbal bashing, and Miguel from his native Columbia after his father refused to work with Pablo Escobar’s drug cartel. The pair’s shared displacement emerges in their music through dark sonic currents akin to ’80s New Wave and ’90s industrial sounds, and fully comes to life in the new video for their single “Better,” where images of the KKK and police in riot gear are spliced throughout. That sense of homelessness and alienation has definitely been imperative in establishing their creative ethos, but it’s also a thing of the past for this team of Angelenos. With thousands of Soundcloud hits, a forthcoming EP on Oskar records, and a seat at the Girlschool table just around the corner, Soto Voce is thriving. We got a chance to chat with Mia recently, and ask about her most memorable #Girlboss moment to date. Here’s what she told us:

It happens every time I’m told how intimidating I appear on stage! I’ve spent a lifetime learning to balance the sexy with the tough, so it’s good to know it wasn’t all in vain.

Check out some of Mia’s Girlschool cohorts dishing some real talk from the back of their Lyft rides, and to hear more from Soto Voce, check out their Soundcloud below.

Stay tuned for more on the artists of Girlschool, and for tickets to the festival, go here. Shout out to Lyft for their sponsorship in creating the Girlschool X Lyft X Nasty Gal video series.

Styling by Keely Murphy
Photo by Juan Azulay