Play Back: Val Fleury Guest Mix

TGIM–we’ve got you covered with another killer soundtrack.

This week we had DJ, producer, and performer at the upcoming Girlschool Festival, Val Fleury, curate a playlist of dance floor faves to kick off your week. In her words:

“I selected 27 songs by artists that I’m looking forward to hearing more of in 2017. Artists on the buzz, artists I’m friends with who make amazing music, some talented artists I’ve played alongside, and also known names that inspire me. I’m a citizen of the world, so my sound is pretty dynamic. I’m really proud of earning a rep for my mixing and multi-dimensional sets. I mostly spin house, with sprinkles of future bass, nu disco, techno, indie dance, and a little hip hop. I do lean more towards female driven (more than half my picks) and international tracks (also half of my picks), but ultimately I just love exploring ways of mixing my faves – regardless of era, geography, or genre. My end goal is to connect and drive people to the dance floor.”

Be sure to download Val’s latest electro-pop single, RAIN DANCING, free for the next 72 hours, and get ready to raise the volume on this playlist because it’s a fresh week, the sun is shining, and anything can happen.

Photo by Eric Rippin & styling by Sanni Youboty.