Preach, Madame Gandhi

Drummer for M.I.A., relentless feminist, intuition warrior, and speaker at L.A.’s Girlschool Festival this weekend. We’ll be hanging on every word.

I first saw Girlschool speaker Kiran Gandhi (or Madame Gandhi, as she’s better known), at L.A.’s Bootleg Theater a few months back, and suffice to say the girl blew my mind. She was wailing on a drum set, flinging her platinum blonde mane, singing, “The future is female” into the air damn near angelically. I had no idea at the time that the Manhattan-native, whose debut EP, Voices, dropped last last year, was also M.I.A.’s drummer (a gig she scored after emailing the rap icon an incredibly bomb video of herself drumming over tracks like “Mango Pickle Down River”–to which M.I.A. responded “I was speechless”). But Gandhi isn’t just an enormous musical talent, she’s also a brilliant mind (between weekends spent drumming for M.I.A. around the globe, she’s working on an MBA from Harvard and giving Ted Talks on her intuition-centric “Atomic Living” theory), and steadfast philanthropist who seamlessly fuses music, feminism, and activism. We caught up with Kiran in our downtown L.A. studio, to find out about her most memorable #Girlboss moment to date, and here’s what she had to say:

“My most memorable professional #Girlboss moment was last year when I put out my EP, Voices. Making the album coming together was about rallying a team of people–who are each really good at what they do– behind my vision. It was a year in the making, and I am so proud it happened.”

Check out a few of Kiran’s co-Girlschool-ers chatting with us from their Lyft rides, and have a listen to her newest work in the Soundcloud below.

Girlschool is going down this weekend, and you want to be there. For tickets to the festival, go here. Shout out to Lyft for their sponsorship in creating the Girlschool X Lyft X Nasty Gal video series.