Bands that Anna Bulbrook is Stupidly Excited to See in Indio

In preparation for her Instagram takeover this weekend, Girlschool’s founder takes us through her can’t miss list (it’s a good one).

Photo by Kevin Winter, 2013.

By Anna Bulbrook

The summer after I moved to LA, I went to a festival in Indio for the first time as a volunteer. They gave me a golf cart and told us to do something involving recycling. Did we do any recycling? I can’t say for sure. But I DO remember tearing through the crowd on that golf cart at dangerous speeds and feeling the hell out of myself. The next time I went, it was as a member of the Airborne Toxic Event. I performed at two desert festivals with Airborne, and at one more with Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. And now, I’m so excited to be back at the festival on the other side this time, talking to some of my favorite artists under the banner of Girlschool for Nasty Gal! Nothing makes me happier than celebrating the talented women I admire and who inspire me. Here are four of them (plus Kendrick Lamar) that I’m stupidly excited to see:

Lady Gaga
Mother Monster. Driver of her life. Inventor of the hair bow and the wearer of the meat dress. Will she rappel onto the stage out of a dirigible? Or won’t she? Whatever you feel about her music, I can’t wait to find out.

If you don’t like Lorde, then I’m sad for you. She’s so self-possessed, so clear on her creative direction, so smart, so young. And that voice, what in the hell.

Lorde’s insanely beautiful portrait by painter Sam McKinniss.

Little Dragon
Yes, yes, yes. Saw them first on Jools Holland in England one night when we were watching TV on the bus, and have loved them since. Can’t wait to hang with them!

Kendrick Lamar
Brilliant cultural commentator. Sick musician. He’s able to put together an arresting live performance that is also a statement. I. Can. Not. Wait. To. See. This.

First, that name. Second, THIS picture. Third, because fun. Fourth, because fuck you, that’s why. (Ed note: Anna spent most of last night texting me various images of Tacocats.)

Catch Girlschool’s coverage this weekend on our IG stories. @nastygal (you know what to do).

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