Going Above with So Below

It’s time to refresh your playlist–‘Ruin’ is about to dominate your sound system.

With the constant ascendance of new artists, it’s hard to pick from the current crop of newcomers. But when electropop goth princess Madeline North (commonly known as So Below) releases a tastemaking imprint like ‘Ruin’, it suddenly becomes much easier to choose. Racking up staggering numbers (1 million + plays on Spotify and 100k + plays on her single ‘Drift’) the native New Zealander is poised to have her biggest year yet–and she’s just getting started. The powerhouse vocalist is making her name in a series of moody yet nuanced electropop releases, sending some much-needed enlightenment through our headphones. Why you should pay attention: So Below is dubbed one of 2017’s artists to watch, and trust us, we’re keeping tabs.

Check the ethereal queen’s single ‘Ruin’ out on Spotify and Soundcloud–you’ll be swooning hard.

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