Nasty Galaxy

Betty Davis’ 1975 album Nasty Gal is Coming to Get Ya (Again).

Things are about to get real nasty on January 12th.

It’s been 42 years since the release of Betty Davis’ 1975 album Nasty Gal–which just so happens to be our namesake– is now set for reissue on vinyl; making it clear Davis’ iconic rebellion, both musically and as an individual, still remains as important today as it ever was. Once married to the legendary jazz musician, Miles Davis, Betty was referred to in his autobiography as, “talented as a motherfucker.” TRUE.

Davis’ music was a progressive march forward in her era; as a provocative female artist, Davis was a rarity in the thick misogyny of the ’70s. She was overtly sexualised in her image and lyrics and unapologetically aggressive in her performances, defying the submissive conformity expected by women of her generation. Ultimately, Davis helped pioneer a space in music for assertive and autonomous women–us included.

The reissued album which will be released on January 12th 2018, will feature complete lyrics for each track, interviews, ultra-rare photos, and chronological notes and explorations from the world’s leading expert on Davis, John Ballon, a close friend of Davis’. And later this month, a film based on Davis’ life titled, Betty – They Say I’m Different, will feature at the IDFA film festival in Amsterdam. Nasty Gals takin’ over.

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