Dream On

Today’s playlist has it all – dreamy lyrics, cool beats and magical sounds. It’s a mix of my favorite songs combined with my latest band discoveries and fixations. From New Wave to indie rock, heavy tribal drums and sweet Japanese harps, this soundtrack will take you on a trip you’ll never forget.

“Black Magic” by Magic Wands

“Alright, I am so into Magic Wands that it’s not even funny! I waited for a good two and a half years for their debut album “Aloha Moon” to come out, and it was well worth the wait! This was the first track that got me oh-so-hooked, because it has a mix of serious guitars and really cool atmospheric visuals. Did I mention I can’t get enough of this band?”

“Nowhere Girl” by B-Movie

“Our photographer Paul introduced me to this version of B-Movie’s 1982 hit, “Nowhere Girl”. If your into some serious new wave like Depeche Mode or Joy Division, this will be an awesome addition to your playlist!  This version is better suited for a grungy basement party than a beach party.”

“When The Lilies Die” by IO Echo

“IO Echo is our current obsession here at Nasty Gal, and rightfully so. Their song “When The Lilies Die” is a lush, dreamy concoction of mystic rock. Ioanna Gikas’ smooth vocals chant over some pretty badass beats and strings for over three minutes of pure audio ecstasy. Their kabuki-inspired video does justice to the beautiful Japanese and Chinese harps used to create a new kind of indie rock. Comparable to the likes of Sioxusie Sioux, Nena and Nine Inch Nails, IO Echo has all the edge we need to make them one of our LA favorites!”

“Night Drive” by Part Time

“Okay, so Part Time has been on my radar for a while now, as Stacey was kind enough to be the first to throw this song on one morning before a shoot. They already score points for being from my hometown of San Francisco, but I’m also totally into a good dreamy bass line! I see nothing but seriously good things for this band in the next year!”

“Last Night” by Niki & the Dove

“Niki & The Dove comes straight out of Stockholm, and follow in the same footsteps as artists like Marina & The Diamonds, The Knife and Bat For Lashes. “Last Night” is my favorite song from the duo’s debut album “Instinct”, and features amazing bass, heavy tribal drums, and poetic lyrics that are as catchy as they are made for that pretty summer night.”