Let’s Disco

It’s definitely no secret that we have an undying love for all things disco, but today we’re taking a trip out of the Studio 54 era and into the Eighties, where the dance-ready tracks were infused with a little bit of punk and grit. Brace yourself – this isn’t your mama’s disco.

“Who’s That Girl?” by The Bubonic Plague

“I recently came across this really strange yet awesome album of Madonna covers, Through The Wilderness: A Tribute to Madonna. This 1987 number one hit has been reinvented by The Bubonic Plague for a more dreamy, psychedelic feel. If this song leaves you wanting more, you should check out Ariel Pink’s cover of the disco classic, “Everybody”, from the same compilation.”

“Sexy Films” by Kroma

“This is a pretty epic Italo disco number from 1984. Even Devyn, our resident hip hop freak, has a soft spot for this little ditty. It’s basically impossible not to start dancing as soon as it comes on!”

“No G.D.M.” by Gina X Performance

“Summer nights always put me in the mood for a dance party, and this song is a must on all of my playlists! Gina Kikoine’s vocals have a gritty punk drone that takes this track to another level. This wasn’t your mama’s disco – unless she was really, really cool.”

“Whats A Girl To Do?” by Cristina

“In the same vein as Gina X, Cristina has an awesome edge that infuses disco with a bit of punk – two of my favorite things! This single from her album, Sleep It Off, is perfect for a rebellious moment on a dance floor.”