Playing Favorites with Ultrademon

Mid-week we’re kinda in the need of a serious pick-up and blast of the weird to get to Friday. Chicago DJ, producer and Coral Records founder Ultrademon is just the trick. He’s currently throwing bonkers parties called “MAINFRAME” with his sweetheart (a performer and DJ named Zombelle) and working on his first full-length record for a label we’re not allowed to mention – it’s big though, trust us. He took a break from the action to give us insight on a few of his favorite tracks right now.

 “The Giver” by  Duke Dumont

 The Twin Turbo record label puts out a lot of stuff I like, but this one kills the dance floor.

”You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby” by Fatboy Slim

I’ve recently been revisiting this entire album. It was a huge influence when I was playing GameCube


“B Squared” by Blue Angels

 Niche bassline is always in my heart.