Mø Mø Mø

We found this Danish doll messing around on the internet one day, like we’re all apt to do a little more when the weather inspires us to stay indoors… and immediately were like, “Who’s this soulful chick with the enchanting video?” Something resilient and strong in her clear voice told us Mø is one badass gamine. We tracked her down–she’s currently in the studio wrapping up her debut album–and asked her for her favorite tracks right now.

 “Hurricane” – MS MR 

This is a great track. It didn’t take long from when I first discovered MS MR till I became a huge fan! I love the mix of rebellion, energy, melancholy, destruction and great melodies–it has this “fuck y’all, I’m lost” attitude to it, and I can relate to that. Her voice is raw and stunning and the production is just so cool.

 “Move To The Ocean (Baauer Remix)” – Brick and Mortar

I love this rmx by Baauer. The crazy energy, the up-to-date street vibe (the “HEY”s are just wonderful!!) combined with this sensitive and almost aggressive soulful voice just makes me wanna throw myself into the ocean.

 “Get Free (ft. Amber)” – Major Lazer

Still can’t get this tune out of my head! This is–from my point of view–the tune of the year. I love everything about it. The production, the melodies, the lyrics, the feeling I get from listening to it…it’s all great. Break free, you’re cool, and so are your friends.

 “Ghostwriter” – Rjd2 

A track I listened to death in the summer of 2007, when MØ began, and I recently rediscovered it after a long break. It’s a great track–gives you the tender street vibes of a late summer night. Just what we need to keep us warm in the winter.

“Crystalised” – The Xx

It’s a little embarrassing, but I actually just discovered this band (!!!), and this was the first song I was introduced to. It was love at first sight! I like a lot of their other tunes as well, but as you know, you never forget the first time, so in that occasion I’ve chose this song.

“These Days” – Nico

An old-time favorite. I adore Nico’s voice–so imperfect and unschooled–and that’s what makes it so perfect in a way. The guitar and lyrics sung in this goofy, brilliant voice, stuffed with emotion, just made a huge impact on me the first time I heard it. I’ve stuck by it ever since.