Mr. Little Jeans

First known for her dub-stepped interpretation of Arcade Fire’s “The Suburbs,” Mr. Little Jeans has since won over fans with her dreamy, dancey music, and her cover of “Single Ladies” didn’t hurt, either. Her new single, “Oh Sailor” (and its accompanying music video) has us lost in a world of kaleidoscopic, cosmic genius. We got a chance to catch up with the Norway native, who has since relocated to L.A., after she DJ’d our No Bummer Summer party while simultaneously keeping the dance floor packed and trying to stay out of the sun.

Did you know there is a pretty famous cat named Mr. Little Jeans? If you, Mr. Little Jeans the singer, and Mr. Little Jeans, the cat, were to have a staring contest, who do you think would win?

You know what, that actually came up in one of the first Google searches I did when I first decided to steal the name Mr. Little Jeans, so he hasn’t gone un-noticed! Although I do, of course, think I would win the staring competition.  I have a few tricks up my sleeve that would easily distract him. 

I’ve read that you grew up with four black cats named Missy. Were they all around at the same time, or was it sequential?

It was one after the other, never at the same time. I suspect it was pure laziness from my mum and dad’s side. They’ve pulled themselves together, though, and are naming our cats individual names now. Sometimes I think we go through more cats than most.

 Tell us more about where you grew up. It sounds very interesting. What was the story with the neighbors who killed a man?

Well I don’t wanna reveal too much about what happened, as he’s done his 21 years and is now back to being our neighbor, but I can tell you there was a lady, the murdered man and a substantial amount of drugs involved. Rumor has it that the man he chopped into pieces and put in the lake was slightly evil so I don’t think my family’s too concerned , although they might try to stay on his good side just in case. I bumped into him again at the grocery store last time I was home and my mum thought it was a good idea to say hi and remind him who I was.

What kind of music did you listen to growing up?

The earliest stuff I can remember being really into was Mariah Carey & Jackson 5. There was that Bryan Adams CD that my friend gave me for Christmas, but I more pretended I liked it cause everyone else did. I never was a big Bryan Adams fan, if I’m being honest.

You grew up in Norway. What brought you to LA? What do you like about living here?

Music brought me to LA! I guess that’s the main reason I love it here but I also love the hills/mountains, the palm trees and the food. I lived in London for a long time, and LA has a lot more space and a lot less people, which I’ve really come to enjoy.

You recently worked with the Silverlake Conservatory of Music Youth Chorale. What was the most fun part of that collaboration? Were there any particularly memorable moments?

The kids were great! They picked everything up very quickly and we had the best time. The most memorable moments were probably some of the boys breakdancing/beat-boxing, and that little girl who puked on the floor right before we started.

The video for “Oh, Sailor” was also incredibly beautiful and Ophelia-like. What inspired it?

Thank you! I just knew I didn’t want the video to be too close to the original story or for it to be too literal (no sailors allowed), so when Tim told me his idea of wandering through different landscapes and the star-spinning, it felt like a good match.


What article of clothing do you wear most, and why?

It’s really hot in LA now, so I tend to wear long, light colored dresses in thin materials. I think it’s the best way to cover up from the sun and keep cool at the same time, which is extremely important to me both inside and out of my non-air-conditioned apartment.

You did an amazing cover of “Single Ladies.” Did you catch any of Beyoncé’s shows here in LA recently?

No I didn’t, unfortunately! Was it good? I tend to prefer smaller venues to be honest. That might have been why.

What is next for Mr. Little Jeans?

Album release!!