DJ Tamara Sky

Tamara Sky (left) and Whitney Fierce

Though Los Angeles is a city of blue skies and sunshine, it still loves the occasional trip to the dark side. And for that we turn to Tamara Sky, the dark horse DJ and producer behind Lil Death, one of the wildest parties in the City of Angels. Tamara DJ’d our second No Bummer Summer Party this past weekend, and we caught up with her for a few minutes to talk snack foods and why she likes her music like her rollercoasters.

(Photos by Rony’s Photo Booth)

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in the deepest corner of the Bermuda Triangle, Puerto Rico!  I currently reside in Los Angeles.

What’s a typical day like for you?

When I’m not traveling, I usually spend time on my computer doing mixtapes, downloading or making music, and watching Korean Revenge films.  Besides that I am on Illustrator and Photoshop doing comic line art.

What’s the electronic club scene like?

For the most part it has gone mainstream.  I’m not a fan of listening to the same Top 40 anthems on repeat when I go out.  I like surrounding myself with inspiration… good thing L.A. has a lot of that.

 What’s your sound and why is it so distinct?

I don’t really relate to any specific genre. My taste in music is more visual and emotional.  If it’s raw and real I will put it on a mixtape. If it’s pretty and frightening it will be in there, too.  I stay away from keeping the same BPM…jumping from one genre to another, maintaining a similar vibe.  In each mix I also use subliminal notes to convey whatever message I’m trying to put out there.  I like my music like I like my roller-coasters. Does this make it distinct?  I don’t know.

You’re the co-founder & resident DJ of Lil Death. Tell us about LA’s coolest underground party.

When The Overthrow expanded offices to L.A in 2011, we felt like the city needed a little taste of dystopia.  We merged inspirations from movies (Blade Runner and Videodrome), books (Neuromancer and Marquis De Sade), art (data bend and glitch), Tech Noire music… and voilà! Lil Death was born. The event has an awesome green screen photo booth.  The music ranges in genre a lot but still maintains a particular dark motif…anywhere from dark techno and acid house to cold wave, industrial, witch house, and trap. We started Lil Death Records this year and continue to do really fun parties.  This week’s Lil Death celebrated the release of a Long Clothing xMishka collaboration. It got pretty grimy. Look up ‘La Petite Mort’ to find out how we came up with the name.

What’s a typical night like for you when you aren’t on the job?

I mostly like to chill at home. I’m quite the film junkie.

Your look seems pretty dark and eerie. How would you describe your style?

I’m drawn to a hard edge punk and gothic style, but also like mixing it with soft, flowy fabrics like mesh and lace.  I’m a sucker for patent leather and vintage finds.  For the most part I wear black witchy maxi dresses, oversized distressed t-shirts and boots.

Would you consider yourself a goth or is that term outdated?

The term “goth” has turned into something you can’t quite narrow down as easy as it was during the Batcave days.  As for me, I wear what I like and listen to whatever I think sounds good.

What mythical creature are you?

Anything with a tail works for me…Medusa, Lamia, a Succubus, a Siren or a Sphinx.

If you ran away from your life right now, where would we find you?

I’m a triple Pisces, it happens a few times a day.

What’s the most awkward experience you’ve had while DJing?

I’ve never had one.  I don’t get embarrassed easily.

What kind of snack food are you?

Wasabi peas

Do you have one song that is guaranteed to get the party started?

“9P.M (Till I Come)” by ATB

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