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If you’ve turned on the radio, been to a club, or gone pretty much anywhere with music in the past few months, you’ve likely heard Icona Pop’s wildly popular single, “I Love It.” Now Aino and Caroline, the swedish duo behind Icona Pop, have turned out yet another super catchy dance tune. “All Night” delivers the same feel-good vibes as Icona Pop’s first hit, but the music video adds an entirely new dimension to the song. Taking nods from Paris Is Burning and the 80’s ballroom scene, the duo created a video that promotes freedom of expression, acceptance, and going a little crazy with friends. We chatted with Aino to hear about Icona Pop’s style, plans for the future, and groupies! Yeah, they have groupies.

Hey Aino! You and Caroline are originally from Sweden and now you’re living in New York. How do you like The City?

We absolutely love New York. The first time we went there, we just both fell in love with the city. It has everything in it. We’re based in New York, and we have an apartment there, but we couldn’t keep it because we were traveling so much! When you travel for a long time, you kind of want to have all of your things with you. So we ended up being in New York maybe once a month.

What was the inspiration behind the music video for “All Night”?

If you listen to the track, it’s basically about expressing yourself. When you find those people that make you feel comfortable and free, you want to spend time with them. You want to be with them all night. We felt like the voguers were the perfect people to kind of represent what the song was about. And it’s not only about voguers expressing themselves. It’s about expressing yourself when it comes to everything. Paris is Burning was the inspiration, of course.

Have you ever been to any vogue clubs like that in New York?

We had never been to Vogue clubs before. Never, actually. But we actually are now members of the House of Extravaganza which are the people that are in the video. But we never have time to go. But they’re always like ‘You have to come to one of our balls!’


What was it like to shoot the video with so many amazing performers?

At first we didn’t think the voguers would do it. When they do those performances, they do it maybe twice a year. You have to give a lot. The woman in the end that’s on the ground doing circles, she had to do that maybe 20 or 30 times, and usually they just do it once.

How does fashion play into Icona Pop? What do you like to wear?

We love when masculine meets feminine. Caroline and I always say that I’m Prince and she is David Bowie. Those are our pop icons. We also love this idea of proper meets punkiness. We really aren’t very good at following trends, though! We always are very honored when people think we have good style.

And leather jackets? You seem to be pretty into those.

Yeah, haha, we love leather jackets! Also I think when it comes to the music and the clothes, I think they go very well hand in hand. It’s all about mixing stuff. And leather jackets. Mostly leather jackets.


How does dancing and the club scene influence the music you guys make?

We think going out and clubbing is something that can be really romantic. Because you never know what’s going to happen. Sometimes you meet a love for one night. There’s so much going on when you’re clubbing. When we started Icona Pop, we also started to DJ at some of the biggest clubs in Stockholm, so when you’re DJing you always have to be ahead of music. Because of that we were always listening to a lot of different sounds and, in turn, we got a lot of inspiration from that! Then we were in London and we started to DJ over there. The music was so hardcore there compared to Sweden and we just totally fell in love with it. We danced a little bit too much!

Describe a typical Saturday night for Icona Pop. A non-working night, that is.

A night without work? That was a long time ago, but I would say that on a free night back in Stockholm, we would be with all of our friends at some pre-party in someone’s apartment. We would drink a little bit and listen to very good music and then we’d start to have a little dance floor somewhere. And then we would go out and meet up with some other friends that couldn’t fit in the little apartment, and then we would all go out and it would be mayhem. And it doesn’t really have to be a good club, as long as you’re with your friends. And then we would probably all end up at someone’s apartment. People would fall asleep on the floor.


What’s the craziest fan encounter you and Caroline have had?

We haven’t had that many weird encounters. We have the best fans on earth, though. We have a lot of fans that follow us around the country, which is cool because some people have driven 10 hours just to see us once more. We usually have meet and greets before the shows and they’re the last ones to leave the show. We always try to talk to those people. Sometimes it’s really surprising. You’ll remember someone and be like “Hey, didn’t we meet yesterday?” It’s very cool.

What’s next for Icona Pop?

We are about to release our album on the 24th, which is going to be fantastic. I’m super, super excited. And then we are going to perform at America’s Got Talent, and a few more things that I really can’t tell right now. But I think it’s going to be a very fantastic and hectic month. We’re going to Asia and then to Europe for some shows. And then back to America. We are just going to keep on touring. And soon we will have to start our second album, right?

(Photos via Yahoo, Filter Magazine, Instagram)