Miss Glitt3r



We’re pretty sure Pia Bernadette a.k.a Miss Glitt3r lives in a holographic world, and we love that. (One peek at her Tumblr, and you’ll know exactly what we mean.) When she’s not making killer mixes, she models and sells space lolita chokers on her Etsy shop. Basically, we have a million and one reasons to be obsessed with her. Check out this cyberbabe’s mixtape below!


Pia Bernadette, Los Angeles, CA.

Tell us the inspiration behind the playlist you created:

Driving around Los Angeles, the daily commute can be daunting, but a good playlist makes it all better. These are my top played songs at the moment! Sometimes you just want to dance in your car, sing along to a throwback jam, or chill out and watch the scenery.

How would you describe your sound?

Let’s just say if humans were able to colonize in space in the’ 90s, this is what I would be playing in the club!

How did you end up becoming a DJ?

I shared a residency at one of my favorite venues in Hollywood when I was 19, the Three Clubs (you may recognize it from the film Swingers). I had just started dabbling in producing and was ecstatic for the opportunity to play in front of an audience!

What’s your go-to song to get the party started?

Definitely “Work It” by Missy Elliott! The ultimate Nasty Gal.

Any tips for aspiring DJs?

Have fun with it! Always invite girls who are down to shake their ass to your sets! You’re orchestrating your own dance party.

Miss Glitt3r x Nasty Gal

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