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Crew Year’s Eve at NGHQ

     New Year’s Eve is right around the corner, and that means scrambling to figure out what the hell to do, freaking out over what the hell to wear, and a general sense of panic for weeks leading up to the literal best night of your life. We got a crew of Nasty Gals together to show off their NYE


Nasty Necessities: Our Holiday Survival Kit

Not to be a total pessimist—resting bitchy face aside—but the “happiest time of the year” isn’t all holiday bonuses and open bars. Don’t get us wrong, we’re so down for getting decked out in faux fur and finding any excuse to drink more than the usual one (okay, two. FINE, three) glasses of wine, but between all the forced small talk and

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Sound Select Round Up

All good things must come to an end, and though we’re bummed to bid adieu to the marathon of music festivals (AN ENTIRE MONTH of the best sounds on LA’s best stages–Grimes, Tinashe, Flume, NICKI MINAJ, just to name a few), we’re super down for a look back on the baes that slayed street style. Till next year,

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December ’15 Horoscope

SF-based astrologer Jessica Lanyadoo looks into her crystal ball to forecast your fashion future—so you’ll be all fabulous with no faux-pas. Be at the top of your game this month and discover your sign’s power ballad, emoji,  and essential power piece–because you can handle almost anything that comes your way when you’re wearing the right

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A Club Called Rhonda: The Neo-54

Anyone born post-’80–from Gen X-ers to Millenials–has no doubt basked in the glory of an era that called out intangibly from the other side of a Google search. A time when Cher roller-skated around topless, Bianca Jagger made an entrance on a white horse, and Grace Jones sloshed her libation through the air, giving no


#TurnItUpLouder: Florence Adepoju

Get back to the grind with MDM Flow founder Florence Adepoju’s top 10 tracks for feelin’ yourself. From old-school Biggie to new-school Nicki, songs (and lips) with swag are kinda her specialty. “I definitely have self-diagnosed Synthesia, a condition where auditory information translates into visual phenomena (famously cited by Pharrell and the influence behind the iconic N.E.R.D.