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Monday, August 25, 2014 Role Model: Eyeliner Evolution



Audible differences aside, women in music have long had at least one thing in common: Eyeliner—and lots of it. From the theatrical to the streamlined, music’s most memorable women have always been sporting heaps of the smudgy stuff. A few decades ago when there was no HD and nothing short of setting yourself on fire would get you spotted from the nosebleed section of a stadium-sized show, painted faces were one of he best ways to make a visual impact while performing. Here, we cover the best in rock ‘n’ roll eyeliner with both classic and contemporary musical muses, some of which you may have caught at FYF this past weekend.

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Monday, August 25, 2014 Just Sayin’: This Week’s Mantra


This week’s mantra comes courtesy of artist Baron Von Fancy whose Instagram, if you’re not already familiar, is a beacon of inspiration (and screengrabs of retro cartoons), which is just what we need on a Monday morning.

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Saturday, August 23, 2014 California Dreaming: Nasty Gal’s FYF Pre-Party!


It’s only appropriate to kick off a weekend full of partying and music with, well, partying and music, which is why on Friday night Kate Nash, Brandi Cyrus, Chela, and Dani Thorne helped us commence our long awaited FYF weekend. Though we may have been moving a little slow the following morning thanks to an overindulgence of Mai Tais (worth it), the soiree was just what we needed to pump ourselves up for two days of musical paradise (which we’ll be sure to cover in detail throughout the week). Read on to check out the entirety of our FYF pre-party shenanigans.

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Saturday, August 23, 2014 Lookbooks: Model Jeans

  • Who better than our fave new faces (and behinds) to show off our new denim line? Here, nine jean-crazy models sport their beloved Nasty Gal styles and muse on denim idols, tear placement, and the importance of a pair that does your booty justice.

  • Who’s your denim idol?

    My mom.

    Best way to style a pair of jeans?

    I really like to roll the cuff at the bottom. I tend to wear boxers, so I kind of like them a little bit baggy with a boot or sneaker and a tank top.

    How do you know when a pair of jeans is perfect?

    If the butt fits since I have no butt whatsoever! If it’s not saggy then I’m all in [laughs].

    Where do you wear your tear?

    I’m a fan of the upper thigh, just below the pocket. It’s a little bit suggestive.

    What’s the craziest thing you’ve done in a pair of jeans?

    I learned how to ride a motorcycle in a pair of jeans.

    Quick, tell us your favorite band, book, and movie!

    Music, right now i’m really into Mr. Little Jeans.
    My favorite movie is Girl Interrupted, hands down.
    And the last book I read was Astonish Me.
  • Who’s your denim idol?

    Any now aging classic rockstar who threw on a pair of jeans with boots and leather jackets. I like that style.

    Best way to style a pair of jeans?

    My favorite way to style a pair of jeans is to throw on a vintage band tee, jacket, and boots. You don’t really have to think about it. It’s easy.

    How do you know when a pair of jeans is perfect?

    My perfect pair of jeans are jeans that aren’t so skinny I can’t get my ankle through the bottom I hate that more than anything. I like jeans that you can live in—slouchy and classic, a bit boyish.

    Where do you wear your tear?

    I like a good knee rip or a little butt rip.

    What’s the craziest thing you’ve done in a pair of jeans?

    I went cliff jumping. It’s something I do normally on adventures, but one time didn’t have a bathing suit and jumped in in my jeans!

    Quick! Tell us your favorite band, book, and movie:

    I have too many favorite movies, but one would be Edward Scissorhands. One of my favorite bands are Led Zeppelin.
  • Who’s your denim idol?

    Alexander Wang! He always wears great denim.

    Best way to style a pair of jeans?

    I love to throw on some skinny jeans, a white T-shirt, and some sneakers or biker boots.

    What jeans are you wearing today? How do you feel in them?

    I’m in The Kink and I’m so surprised at how comfortable they are. They just hug you so well.

    Where do you wear your tear?

    Right on the thigh with a lot of rips and just super messed up.

    Tell us your craziest denim story.

    I don’t really have one experience, but there’s this one pair I have that I’ll keep forever. I bought them at a vintage store and right when I got home I ripped and shredded them. They were so cheap but they’re my favorite pair of jeans.

    Quick! Tell us your favorite band, book, and movie:

    Band: Klaxons

    Book: The Red Dragon

    Movie: Detachment

  • Who’s your denim idol?

    My denim idol would have to be Debbie Harry. She masters that rock and roll edge while still looking feminine. Plus, she can totally rock denim on denim which is something I am still trying to do.

    Best way to style a pair of jeans?

    When it comes to styling a pair of jeans, I like to create fashion mashups—boyfriend jeans with a pink fuzzy sweater or mom jeans with a preppy collared shirt.

    How do you know when a pair of jeans is perfect?

    I know when they’re great when they fit my waist perfectly. I love wearing crop tops, so it’s always important for my high waisted jeans to fit perfectly since they are going to show.

    Where do you wear your tear?

    Right above the knee. It doesn’t show too much skin but just enough to keep em guessin’. Plus, it is a very flattering part of the leg!

    What’s the craziest thing you’ve done in a pair of jeans?

    Probably going to my first hardcore show and experiencing a moshpit. I got kicked in the head but hey, it was still fun.

    Quick! Tell us your favorite band, book, and movie:

    Those are the hardest questions! My favorite band right now is PAPA. My favorite book will always be The Catcher in the Rye. My favorite all time movie is Notting Hill (I know, I’m cheesy.)

  • What’s something most people don’t know about you?

    I read a lot! I studied Philosophy and Polish Literature, so I always have a book with me.

    Who’s your denim idol?

    Kurt Cobain, definitely. I’m obsessed with rock music, so he’s the one.

    Best way to style a pair of jeans?

    Boyfriend jeans are the comfiest. I love wearing them with a big, oversized hoodie or tee.

    Where do you wear your tear?

    Hard question! If I’m wearing jean shorts, it would be super high on the front, but for boyfriend it would be a little above the knee. For a tight jean, it’s all about that clean slit right on the knee.

    What jeans did you wear today?

    I was in The Kink today and they were the perfect pair. I’ve been looking for that exact style for a long time. They’re tight and high waist, but comfortable because they were stretchy. And, the best part, they were super sexy. I’m gonna buy them, for sure.

    What’s the craziest thing you’ve done in a pair of jeans?

    I had these really nice jeans when I was about 14-years-old, and after wearing them for a while, I thought I should make them into shorts. So I cut them myself and then I looked at them and they still seemed too long. So I kept cutting and cutting and by the end, they had turned into denim underwear! It was so bad but I’ll never forget them.

    Quick! Tell us your favorite band, book, and movie:

    Favorite band: It’s a tie between Nirvana, Rolling Stones, and The Doors.

    Favorite movie: I can’t decide on one, but recently it was Only Lovers Left Alive because the soundtrack was so amazing.

    Favorite book: The Master and Margarita! It isn’t an easy read, but it’s so good.

  • Who’s your denim idol?

    Lara stone in CK jeans—she’s Dutch just like me

    Best way to style a pair of jeans?

    With heels to make them more classic.

    How do you know when a pair of jeans is perfect?

    I definitely look at my butt when I’m trying on new jeans.
    Where do you wear your tear?
    My knees.

    What’s the craziest thing you’ve done in a pair of jeans?

    I went to a Holi Festival where everyone throws around colored powder. It made my jeans look really cool.

    Quick! Tell us your favorite band, book, and movie:

    I’m currently reading It by Alexa Chung

    Favorite movie: Oliver & Company
    Favorite band: Foster the People and Empire of the Sun
  • Are you a dark or light wash kind of girl?

    Light. I’ve always preferred pants that are more inviting.

    Who’s your denim idol?

    My dad because he has these amazing washed up jeans. My mom has been asking him to get rid of them for years and he just refuses. They’re accidentally cool.

    How do you know when a pair of jeans is perfect?

    When you look in the mirror and your butt looks perfect. I’m sure everyone gives you that answer, but it’s the truth!

    Where do you wear your tear?

    This one’s easy—perfectly on the knee!

    What jeans were you in today?

    I wore The Kink and I loved them. They were styled in this ’60s/’70s way. And I love high-waisted because I’m always riding a bicycle and when you are in high waisted it covers your back so it isn’t cold.

    When you’re in a pair of jeans, you feel ______.

    Freedom! A pair of jeans is the comfiest thing you can put on. No matter the weather, they always work.

  • Who’s your denim idol?

    My mom can definitely rock her denim…Kate Moss is a close second.

    Best way to style a pair of jeans?

    I think it depends what style  they are but generally if I’m wearing jeans, I keep it simple. I’ll pair them with a loose t-shirt, messily tucked in at the front, maybe a couple necklaces, boots or mary-jane flats, and my favorite leather jacket.

    How do you know when a pair of jeans is perfect?

    For me it’s when I feel completely comfortable in them.

    Where do you wear your tear?

    The knees are definitely the best place for a rip. If they’re not there already, that’s usually where mine tear anyway.

    How did you like The MILF jean?

    I definitely loved them. They were super comfortable, and looked good cuffed and rolled down. When I wore them for the shoot, they were styled with fishnet tights underneath, which i’d never thought to do before! Definitely gave them a punky vibe. They’re rad though because I feel like, depending on what you style them with, they could fit any vibe.

    What’s the craziest thing you’ve done in a pair of jeans?

    When I was younger, some friends and I discovered an abandoned army base (or at least we thought that was what it was) covered in graffiti. As we were exploring it, a whole bunch of firemen and rangers showed up. We all darted and hid in bushes and stuff…looking back it was probably nothing, but I was glad I was wearing jeans then.

    Quick! Tell us your favorite band, book, and movie:

    Band: The Zombies

    Book: The Virgin Suicides 

    Movie: The Fifth Element 

  • When you aren’t modeling, what can we find you doing?

    I work at Wasteland! I’m their visual merchandiser.

    Who is your denim idol?

    I have two answers for that: definitely my mom back in the day. I used to see her wear the classic mom jean, but she has a booty, so she wore them really well. And my manager at Wasteland is my number one denim icon. She always finds the perfect vintage Guess and Levi jeans that are perfectly tapered. That’s where I’ve always drawn my inspiration. I try really hard to buy only vintage.

    Best way to style a pair of jeans?

    It depends. If they’re low rise, I like to do a thin tee. High rise, I like crop tops. I also really like to do really whimsical, flowy tops and then tie them at the top.

    How do you know when a pair of jeans is perfect?

    When they fit my butt!

    Which jeans did you wear today?

    I wore the boyfriend jeans. I really love the slouch. The croch isn’t too low, it has the perfect bag on the leg, and it’s still pretty tapered, so it doesn’t look too excessive. I also love these jeans because when they first showed me them, I couldn’t tell if they were vintage or new.

    What’s the craziest thing you’ve done in a pair of jeans?

    I ripped my favorite jeans when I snuck into a Growler show by climbing over a trailer and jumping onto a pile of towels. I still wear them.

    Wear do you wear your tear?

    Right under the butt, of course.

    Favorite music?

    I love jazz and classic rock. I love really dreamy music, but I consistently listen to jazz.

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Friday, August 22, 2014 Studio Soundtracks: Countdown to FYF! Pt. 5


For our fifth and final installation of our FYF-themed playlist, we bring you Kelela, Kindness, Joanna Gruesome, and Jessy Lanza. Listen up and get your game face on—the fest starts tomorrow!

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