#MusicMonday: Afrofuturism

Every Monday we send you a killer playlist straight from NGHQ! “Imagine a team of African archaeologists from the future—some silicon, some carbon, some wet, some dry—excavating a site, a museum from their past: a museum whose ruined documents and leaking discs are identifiable as belonging to our present, the early twenty-first century. Sifting patiently

Bust Out Your Best #FestiveFotoFail

Just admit it–sometimes holiday photos can be downright awkward. Whether your family was forced to wear matching turtlenecks or pose uncomfortably on Santa’s lap, we’re dying to see your best #FestiveFotoFail on Instagram! The top three best (erm, worst?) holiday-themed pics will win either a $500, $1,000, or $2,000 Nasty Gal gift card, so we’re really

Whitney Mendelsohn

Whenever we want to make some stellar crafts, we hit up our Associate Producer Whitney Mendelsohn. She does everything from water color illustrations to succulent sand art—not to mention she has killer style to boot. She curated the most amazing all-black holiday wish list perfect for the goth girl in all of us.

Katie Kempster

If you’re wondering who’s the master behind our oh-so-amazing photos here at Nasty Gal, you gotta meet Katie Kempster. She’s a bombass Photo Retoucher who is always turning heads with her seriously on-point style. We asked her to make a wish list and share it with us because, well, just look at her.

Allie Teilz

If you don’t already know about Allie Teilz, you’ll definitely want to remember her name. Sure, she’s a mega babetron will killer style to boot, but she’s also a part of L.A. DJ collective The Embassy and has cameos lead parts in some seriously stellar music videos for the Silversun Pickups and Chateau Marmont. Allie was

i-D Magazine: The Future of Fashion

This is what it feels like to live in the future. The space between present and future is collapsing. Most people attribute this to technology—iPhones, Snapchats, the internet!—but tech is merely an accelerator. Fashion has always been about the next moment. Last month, i-D Online transformed the fashion magazine for a new era. The new, video-driven, digital

Going All Out With MNDR

Listen, we’re all about having a good time here at Nasty Gal, so we teamed up one of our favorite lady DJs (MNDR!) with a seriously on-point dance floor (Honeycut!) for one kickass event. The best part? We’re bringing this party back two more times in December. Check out what you missed the first time around, and

Jess And Stef Dadon

It’s Friday, which means we’re bringing you double the amount of Calendar Gals awesomeness. Aussie bloggers Jess and Stef Dadon from How Two Live are always sporting their colorful (and coordinating!) signature sister style, so we thought we’d ask ’em what they’re dying to get their hands on this holiday.

The Misshapes

We’ve been in serious holiday mode as of late, and we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate the end of the year than with some killer party playlists. So, we asked some of our favorite musicians to do just that. Our Lady DJ series will feature 10 straight days of curated tunes to get us in the