May Kwok

Born and raised in the Big Apple, May Kwok is the definition of an NYC “it” girl. You can find her DJing at fashion week’s biggest parties or spinning in Soho at Madame Wong’s. She shared some of her favorite songs with us in a killer playlist below. Check it out!

Nicole Phung

Meet the mastermind behind all of our badass parties—Nasty Gal PR genius Nicole Phung. She’s not only a killer event planner, but she’s dressed to the nines on a daily basis. Check out what this Valley girl is dying to get her hands on this holiday.

Più Più

The best thing about Più Più a.k.a Giulietta Canzani Mora is that she’s not only a DJ, but a singer and songwriter. She takes this whole music thing very seriously, and you can tell by her awesomely obscure playlist picks.  (We highly suggest pressing play and scrolling through her trippy Tumblr ASAP.)

Natology’s Miami Muses

Sure, everyone loves Art Basel for the obvious reasons (killer exhibitions + parties + beachy weather in December), but Miami also happens to home to some seriously talented (and fashionable!) artists. When expert curator/art blogger Natology (above) headed down to the 305, she discovered that some of her favorite ladies came straight from the streets

Esther Kim

We can’t say enough nice things about Esther Kim. In this past year, she made our dream Emojis come to life, curated a killer K-pop playlist, and showed us just how fun applying lip foils can be. (Really, really fun!) This time around, she shares some of her 2013 highlights and, of course, everything she’s

Marianne Theodorsen

Marianne Theodorsen’s instantly-recognizable neon-tinted bob makes her a staple in the Oslo street style scene (proof on her blog right here!), but when she’s not showing off her killer Givenchy clutches, she throws down some serious beats. Marianne is part of the infamous Club Lollipop DJ duo,  and she was nice enough to make a

Summer Wheaton

Interning ain’t easy, but Summer Wheaton makes it look downright effortless. She helps manage our social media in the Brand Marketing department, and on a day-to-day basis, we’re always eyeing her adorable (and on point!) personal style. Check out her holiday picks below!


In case you didn’t know, MNDR is everything. No, really, she legit does it all. When she’s not producing, writing, or making killer beats for pop stars like Kylie Minogue and Rita Ora, she’s deejaying at parties or working on her own music. Last week, she kicked off a weekly DJ set right here in downtown