Rockin’ in a Winter Wonderland: SnowGlobe NYE

Before we can even think about taking a vacation from our vacation (holiday stress is the realest), we have to end the year with a serious bang, and that includes DJs, fireworks, and umpteen hot toddies (gettin’ turnt in freezing AF temps, awww yeah). So even if you’re not crashing SnowGlobe, the 3-day music festival in Tahoe, you can still dance your ass off, minus


’90s Heartthrob Round Up

Ahhh the ‘90s. A time when we poured over our YM subscriptions, layered our socks, and had a weird witch obsession (Sabrina? Charmed? Magical, spell-induced rapping duels??) Though the ‘90s were full of all kinds of crazy (read: embarrassing) shit, the dudes of that era were on point. We put together a round up of ’90s


#TurnItUpLouder: Mynxii White

‘Tis the season to drop it like it’s hot, so we asked makeup artist, beauty editor, and all-around rad L.A. chick Mynxii White to put together a killer party playlist for us. So get ready to bust out your best moves and hit the dance floor hard this holiday season. “Deep down, I’m a major soul


Nasty Gag Reel: The LOL Archives

At NGHQ, workin’ our asses off is right up there with laughin’ our asses off.  And if there’s one place where the hustle and the party are one and the same, it’s in the studio, where our stylists, photogs, makeup artists, and hair stylists make (model) magic happen and make it look super easy—all while impersonating Drake and belting Adele (we

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Crew Year’s Eve at NGHQ

     New Year’s Eve is right around the corner, and that means scrambling to figure out what the hell to do, freaking out over what the hell to wear, and a general sense of panic for weeks leading up to the literal best night of your life. We got a crew of Nasty Gals together to show off their NYE


Nasty Necessities: Our Holiday Survival Kit

Not to be a total pessimist—resting bitchy face aside—but the “happiest time of the year” isn’t all holiday bonuses and open bars. Don’t get us wrong, we’re so down for getting decked out in faux fur and finding any excuse to drink more than the usual one (okay, two. FINE, three) glasses of wine, but between all the forced small talk and