Stacey, Stylist and Makeup Artist Extraordinaire

Vintage dress, Robert Clergerie wedges, Amish hat from eBay

Meet Stacey, our striking stylist, makeup artist and hot mama-to-be. High fashion from the late ’70s to today, architectural shapes and music serve as her biggest style influences. She’ll hear a song and have to live out the look for weeks until she comes across a film or album that changes her look from head-to-toe. After finding out she was pregnant, her first thought was, “My look will be sexy ’90s supermodel who got knocked up and wears her little Versace and Alaia dresses with a moto jacket”, but Stacey also loves wearing vintage dresses, overalls and jumpers with a lot of volume instead of turning to classic maternity clothes. As she sums up her style, “My favorite thing in life is to be surprised by inspiration that sneaks up on me, whether from watching a YouTube clip or seeing a cool girl on the street.”

“When getting ready, I always start with the dress. This one is simple but has strong shoulders, so I love playing it up with dramatic accessories. I’ve had this hat for years and never get tired of it, because it reminds me of wearing a halo. The wedges are from my all-time favorite shoe designer, Robert Clergerie.”

Vintage Japanese pinafore and LL Bean mesh top, Givenchy pendant, Acne wedges

“To make this outfit modern instead of matronly, I love pairing it with a mesh top and a “Flava Flav-esque” gold chain. My boyfriend is a musician, so I always have his instruments and records lying around the apartment.”

Yves Saint Laurent tunic, Jil Sander boots, Marie Turnor clutch, Vintage leather biker hat

“I think it’s really fun to wear short dresses when you’re pregnant, so this is one of of my favorite outfits right now. This is what I’d throw on to meet a friend for brunch at Café Stella.”

Vintage ’80s jumper, Erotica Lace Bustier

“I like this jumper because it reminds me of Pretty In Pink, so I make it more wearable by adding a white lace bustier underneath. And this is kind of embarrassing, but I’ve been really obsessed with Marisa Tomei’s hair in My Cousin Vinny lately, so that’s what inspired by hairstyle.”

“These Acne wedges are really special to me because I got them as a gift. Unfortunately, they’re a size and a half too small, so I use them as a bookend so that I can at least admire these beauties since I can’t really wear them.”

Nasty Gal Vintage moto jacket, Vintage tunic with high-waist underwear, Jil Sander boots

“This jacket was the first gift I ever got from Sophia after I started working at Nasty Gal around three years ago, and I still wear it constantly. I really love adding an rocker edge to simple pieces, like the peek-a-boo slashes in this linen tunic with slicked-back hair.”

Vintage The Cramps tee

“This is my absolute favorite vintage tee that I’ve worn to death. I have to hand wash it because it’s basically hanging on by a thread, but I can’t imagine parting with it.”