Ashley, Our Senior Stylist and Resident Boho Babe


Not only is Ashley Glorioso our Senior Stylist, but she’s also the fashion genius behind Purse ‘N Boots, a blog where she chronicles her own outfits and all the gorgeous lookbooks she styles in a voice that’s so down-to-earth that it’s impossible not to love her personality as much as you love her clothes. In the office, Ashley is our resident boho babe, with a massive collection of boots (no surprise there) and an enviable talent for finding vintage treasures. Here, she lets us peek inside her sun-filled apartment and at her racks-on-racks of clothes, plus talks dogs and why, when it comes to sandals, it’s go gladiator or go home.


Pony Hair iPhone Case, Lazy Lines Knit

“I love this iPhone case! It’s gold on the sides, and white pony hair on the back. Super clean and minimalistic.”


“I definitely have a boho vibe about me—something just draws me to fringe and crochet and lace, oh my! But I definitely like to switch my look up as often as I can! I like a good tomboy outfit, a little toddler onesie vibe from time to time, and a rocker vibe with the 873,249 leather jackets I own. You gotta keep people on their toes with a different look all the time!”


“I’ve been SUPER lucky in the jewelry department—I have so many awesome friends in the jewelry world who are generous with presents. I also love buying vintage baubles, and eBay gets me every time!”


“I like my place to be a relaxing gypsy pad with a 70’s vibe—lots of wood, amber, shag rugs, candles…..I’m DYING for one of those cool wicker chairs that hangs from the ceiling but I think my ceiling will come down! Whenever I graduate to house status, that baby is goin’ in!”


Bande à Part is an awesome book about the New York underground in the ’60s-’80s—it’s filled with amazing photos of Iggy and The Stooges, The Doors, The Ramones…it was a gift from my sister for a birthday.”




“In the summer, all I want to wear are super short booty cutoffs and a big flowy top of some sort. And some little ankle boots. Or my favorite summer shoe, the gladiator sandal. I don’t care what anyone says, they are timeless in my book. Go gladiator or go home.”



“I live in denim shirts—perfect for layering or on their own. A good pair of little cutoffs is imperative, thin strap little bras, a flannel, and a leather jacket—invest in that baby and you will have it forever.”


 “I love hats—I don’t wear them super often, but I like having them for styling. This one is actually a Greek fisherman’s cap! It’s a classic. It actually looks better on my boyfriend and he steals it all the time which is fine because he looks HOT!”


“Fergie is definitely an acquired taste! I didn’t actually name her, but when I rescued her that’s the name she came with! And it’s sooooo fitting.”

B22I0411 B22I0310


“Me and my boyfriend, Kyle, love Scrabble, so we got this refrigerator Scrabble situation. On my last birthday he wrote me a hilarious Scrabble message and then used the remaining letters to make a Scrabble cake! Talk about talent! I never took it down because I love it so much!”


 “I LOVE me a boot! First of all, one can never have too many boots. There are so many to choose from! Plus, what doesn’t look good with a boot? Little dresses, shorts, skirts, jeans. Tell me something doesn’t look good with a boot and I bet you anything I can find a boot that works.”