Our PR Babe Nicole

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Kitty Shades

Meet Nicole, our PR Assistant. Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, Nicole’s our favorite Valley girl. She ascribes to a healthy regimen of leather jackets, skater skirts and platforms, with an extensive collection of  metal accessories to match. We followed her for a week and got the scoop on hangover spots, witty t-shirts and headwear that’s out of this world.

Photos by Felisha Tolentino

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Bundy Denim Jumper

“I’m completely obsessed with this Kelly Bundy-inspired jumper from UNIF, especially since the top and bottom are connected by garter clips. I’m really into matching tops and bottoms, so it really doesn’t get any better than this.”

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Daisy Leggings, Spacer Platform Sandal

“I’d describe my style as bold and eclectic. I don’t really feel as if I have one defined look. I’m always inspired by so many different cultures, so it’s really hard to categorize my style.”

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 Tom Boy Muscle Tee, Dionne Platform Creeper

“The stickers on my laptop have been collected over the years from events I’ve been to, brands I’ve worked with and wear, or other random knickknacks. The skateboards? I wouldn’t say I skate, I like to just cruise. I actually enjoy snowboarding and long boarding more, so my boyfriend bought me these hoping I would convert. They were obviously way too cute to get all scratched up, so on the wall they went.”


Meow Cardi

“If there’s one thing I wear too often, it’s knit cardigans. There’s nothing I love more than an oversized sweater that I can throw over any outfit and then wear straight to bed.”

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“My closet is overflowing with beanies, flower crowns, head wraps, bunny ears, five-panels; in a perfect world, none of these would ever be inappropriate.”

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Concrete Jungle Cap

“Pho 999 is one of my favorite Vietnamese restaurants in the Valley. Catch me here on any given Sunday, probably curing my latest hangover.”

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 Barf Muscle Tee

 “I’m a sucker for wordplay, so this shirt was a no brainer.”