You Don’t Know Where You’re Going Until You…

I apologize for how quiet the blog has been lately — from moving the business to the holiday madness and now a transition into the new year, it’s been hard to do anything beyond the bare minimum around here to keep things going strong. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to update the blog more frequently, I promise!

I spent a few hours today looking at old photos from our eBay days, and took a trip back in time to revisit the OGNGs (original Nasty Gals) and the vintage that grew NG to where it is today. Since 2006 I have hand-picked every piece we carry, and learned the hard way what vintage is worth reviving and what vintage is better left alone. Trends change, of course, and I’d like to think that our styling has come a long way since some of these photos were taken, but I think it’s plain to see the love and true vintage worship that has fueled Nasty Gal since day one. I should mention that although we do carry a considerable amount of new pieces these days, my training ground as a buyer was purely vintage, and to this day I continue to be inspired more by vintage than anything else. Anyway…onto the Gals!



Emily, our first model ever, and one of SF’s best hairstylists. This photo was taken outside of my backyard cottage in B.F. Egypt. I’m so glad we no longer depend on the weather to dictate whether a photoshoot happens…




Lisa, who with long locks and a doe-eyed countenance was the only face of NG for a good while, in the Ebay days…


Danielle, the first NG blonde and a gorgeous one at that. My photo “studio” setup consisted of a piece of paper next to a sliding glass door.


Nida, who I’ve pretty much adopted at this point. She began modeling for me at 17 years old, a fresh refugee from New Orleans after the hurricane hit. Nida was my my muse for years, and to be honest I miss the crap out of her.


In Vintage YSL


In more vintage YSL.


In a neon sweater that sold for over $500 at auction. Insane, I know.


In an avant-garde bolero that was won at auction by none other than Queen Michelle.



Dee, the platinum bombshell whose lips grace the top of the website and currently lives in Paris (we miss you, Dee!)


Sage, who to this day I call a close friend.


Sage today. Her personal style is pretty rad — she carries both a homemade pocket protector and live Tamagotchi at all times.



Alexandra, who romped around in our recent video lookbook eating Lays and drinking Red Stripe.

…there are so many more OGNGs to mention, and too many photos to post. If you’ve followed us since the eBay days, you may have seen all of this stuff. If you’ve just discovered us, well, now you know! Thank you to everyone, past and present, who has paid any attention to what we do. Happy New Year!