Show Me Your Desktop Part 2

Ever since our first desktop experiment, we can’t stop sneaking peeks at screens when walking through Nasty Gal HQ. Luckily, our stalking paid off as we found about a gazillion cool photos, sweet jams and Nasty Gal totes that were too good to keep to ourselves.

Saga, Merchandise Assistant
My desktop is highly organized in folders from sales reports to inspiration photos and everything in between. My desktop photo is my favorite pic of Kate Moss looking like a badass babe. It’s kind of the inspiration photo for my closest group of girlfriends. (BTP–bitches that party) I always have music on at work and generally start my day with the XX or Van Morrison. As for my Nasty Gal tote, I always have a ton of stuff waiting in there for me…it’s too hard not to!

Liz, Vintage Buyer
I think I have about 2000 inspiration photos saved on my computer – everything from glitter makeup to 80s print ads to vintage pieces I’m on the hunt for. Right now I’ve got my sports vibe on: lots of sweaty Nike crop tops and skateboard graphics that definitely inspired the vintage we used in the November Lookbook. And then, of course, there’s the inescapable eBay window that is always up on my computer. I probably spend about, um, 20-24 hours a week on eBay. Ok not really, but maybe! It is both the best and worst thing in the world. There’s a point where your brain starts turning to mush and every listing looks the same when you’re on page 38 of 128 and you swear you’ve seen that shirt a million times, and then – BOOM – you’ve found that amazing Chanel dress and it is $29.99 Buy It Now. That’s when the competitive side of me comes out and I silently cheer myself at my desk and grab some Oreos as a reward.

Cherysse, Merchandiser
I’m getting ready for the holiday season with this awesome photo I found of Anjelica Huston in a silver wig sippin’ on some champagne! My desktop is full of random blog images, Excel sheets, and music from my Spotify. Part of being a Merchandiser is getting to find new and inspirational images to work off for product development, but I also stumble across other cool shit that just makes me smile. Shuffling through my music library keeps me going through the day. I’ve been feeling a lot of the old stuff like The Talking Heads, but also new stuff with an old sound like Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti.