Meet Our New VP Of Design, Sarah!

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 Our new VP of Design, Sarah Wilkinson, has all kinds of tricks up her sleeve. She recently moved here from London to figure out what’s next for Nasty Gal’s label. Find out more about the styles she’s most excited about and the stuff every gal should have in her closet…

Want to tell us about the difference between LA style and London style?

There are many similarities, as fashion trends are becoming more global due to fashion blogs. For me, LA style is relaxed, yet effortlessly polished. The contemporary mood is complimented with a body-confident attitude. London style is more eclectic and layered with nostalgic references and an eccentric prowess seen as mismatched and quirky.

 What do you listen to while you design?

I love music. At the moment I’m listening to Minus the Bear, Walk the Moon, and Craft Spells. I listen to music that reminds me of growing up—The Cure and Cocteau Twins are constant favorites.

 How would your best friend describe your style?

She would say I have a “certain unique style” that is constantly changing. She laughed and looked in my wardrobe and said, “You have way too many clothes. Do you wear anything twice?” And I do like to repeat outfits.

 What was your dream job as a kid?

I wanted to be a fine artist, and then later, when I got a little older, a theater set designer. I’ve always been inspired by art, sculpture, and theater.

  What’re you envisioning in your designs for Nasty Gal?

Brilliant things. An evolution of fierce, ground-breaking style. An edit of the most desirable clothing imaginable.

Want to tell us about any upcoming trends?

I am working on Fall 2013, which is my ultimate season: deep rich tones of color, layered sweaters and outerwear, thigh high boots, leather/waxed finishes against transparencies.

What should every girl have in her closet?

An array of black dresses for every eventuality, and a selection of white tee shirts in every shape and size.A black leather jacket, every girl needs at least one. Matching sets of lingerie with French lace, but those stay folded in a drawer so they may not count!