Show Me Your Desktop Pt. 3

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Ever since we realized that sneaking a peek at someone’s desktop reveals just as much as seeing what’s stashed in their bag, it’s become our (not-so) guilty pleasure at Nasty Gal HQ. This time around, we asked some super stylish weirdos (a.k.a. our design team) for screenshots of the images, bands and websites that have been cluttering their desktops and feeding their design aesthetic.

Dee, Asst. Apparel Designer

My desktop is full of visual and mood inspiration, from old black and white photos of babes on motorcycles (especially photos I find of blonde babes in high-waisted jeans and rugged men whisking them down the open road), images from my favorite editorials, and of course, my own sketches. I also keep a folder of my favorite Nasty Gal designs from the past year, because it keeps me motivated to see the inner-workings of my brains forever immortalized on the backs of the bad bitches of the world! I always have one of my favorite men keeping me company and cheering me on in the background! Lastly, I have the accompaniment of Photo Booth, because after watching the latest Beyoncé documentary, I’ve been talking to myself on my screen the way Queen Bey does.

Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 11.10.44 AM

Soozie, Asst. Designer

We’re constantly designing so I have folders on folders of inspiration images to work with. is always open on my browser to keep up with the latest trends and shows, and I always have my SoundCloud open! Music is a big part of what influences my mood, my designs, and…everything. I put my headphones on, pull up as many inspiration images I can fit on my screen, and get to sketching…hoping I dream up of something amaaaze for my Nasty Gals!

Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 11.13.30 AM

Gabby, Associate Apparel Designer

I’ve got tons of folders on my desktop full of goodies! Everything is super organized, mostly inspiration…anything and everything! I’ve ALWAYS got music on when I’m working! I’ve been listening to Walk the Moon on repeat lately. It always gets me in a groove when I’m designing.  It’s funny that my Mac desktop is usually so organized, because my actual desk is a totally different story. It’s probably a more accurate representation of the craziness that goes on throughout the day!

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Chrystal, Asst. Designer

My desktop is always packed with folders of my favorite images from the latest runway shows, my favorite blogs, really cool jewelry and cute furry animals. I’m secretly an image hoarder – the more, the merrier! Music is such a big part of my everyday routine. I can’t sketch without it. I’ve had this one song, “Lines” by Big Boi, on repeat for days. You’ll also find me on our site a lot! Even though we’re here every day, I just can’t get enough! It’s really exciting to see all of the new things that go up on the site.