What’s In Your Backpack? With Studio Production Intern Keely

keely head

Meet one of the hippest girls in town, our Studio Production Intern, Keely! With a love for nostalgia and a spot-on pulse with current culture, we always look forward to seeing how she expertly mixes old and new. Of course, her backpack is no exception. Filled with eBay-search-worthy knick-knacks mixed with the coolest school supplies, Keely’s backpack makes us almost actually want to go back to school!


“The Clear Cut Backpack is my go-to because it’s perfectly impractical. I’m a Studio Art major at UCLA, which essentially means I’m lucky enough to get to bring paintbrushes to class…but not alone. I never leave for campus without my essential 3D embellished cat eye sunglasses, Frends headphones (cute headphones are way harder to find than you’d think), and my Polaroid camera to capture street style on campus. As far as school supplies go, it’s novelty or nothing. I always have my Cher Horowitz pom pom pencil and scrunchie stashed in my hilariously trendy Beavis & Butthead Clutch, along with a reserve supply of Pez—every time I go to the grocery store I have to buy one. I treat going to class like any weekend day, complete with a full application of liquid eyeliner (and glitter on days I wake up early enough). Right now, I’m obsessing over the Lime Crime products. For school accessories, I keep it (relatively) simple and routinely wear friendship bracelets that happily remind me of my childhood. I’m obsessed with anything and everything with my initials on it, so my “K” scarf perfectly marks my territory.”


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