Brittany Rocks Our Nasty Gal Collection Visionary Velvet Tunic


Here at NGHQ, the latest buzz has been Collection, Collection, Collection. To say the least, we are really proud of the Nasty Gal Collection Fall 2013. We pulled aside some Nasty Gal staff members to shoot them in their favorite looks, so make sure to check back every day for the next week and a half to get inspired about how to style your favorite pieces! First up is Brittany, our Planning Assistant.  She wears the Nasty Gal Collection Visionary Velvet Tunic as a super mini-dress and balances the shortness with a pair of classic black ankle boots. Now, your turn! Show us how you wear the tunic and make sure to hashtag #nastygal.

“I chose the blue tunic because it’s fun and so versatile! I love the velvet burnout detailing, and it’s something you can dress up, dress down, lounge in, and feel comfortable in (Gotta love a piece that challenges you to switch it up!).  Also-look at that blue! Gorg. “