Our Staff’s Gift Shop Picks

This year, we’re all about keeping things weird—especially when it comes to our gift shop. Between our Davie Bowie nail decals and pizza slice beanies, we certainly have no shortage of awesome items. So, we asked our fellow Nasty Gal staffers to pose with their favorite gift shop pieces and explain why they’re putting them at the top of their wish lists this year.

Nicole Phung, PR Assistant

Smooch Pillow
“I’m completely obsessed with this lips pillow because it has a great novelty factor.”

Maddie Benton, Design Intern

Globe Bantam Marble Skateboard
“One of my favorite trends right now is marble print! It kind of looks like you’re riding around on a little slab of marble which makes this skateboard super awesome.”

Cyndie Gonzales, Merchandise Assistant

Colour Me Good Hip Hop Book
“Ironic gifts are the most fun, and what is more ironic than a hip-hop themed coloring book?”

Saga Beedy, Assistant Buyer-Vintage

Frends Layla Oil Slick Headphones
“Who doesn’t want to look like a space babe while listening to music?”

Chanel McMorris, Merchandise Assistant

Crosley Cruiser Turntable
“I can’t wait to get my hands on this record player. Earth, Wind & Fire and Fleetwood Mac records will be in heavy rotation.”

Esther Choi, Graphic Designer

Fawn Porcelain Lamp
“This little doe light will illuminate everyone’s dreams in the dark of the night.”

Tori Freedman, Assistant Buyer

David Bowie Is…Hardcover Book
“I chose David Bowie’s ‘Is’ because he is my ultimate—I have probably danced around like a crazy lady and sung way to loud to the ‘Ziggy Stardust’ album too many times to count. Who doesn’t want to drink a cup of coffee and flip through pages celebrating his amazing career, artwork, and fashion?”

Krista Kaczorowski, Acquisition Marketing Coordinator

Crosley Princess Phone
“What girl wouldn’t want a pink Crosley phone? It’s classy, chic, and perfectly vintage.”

Gobi, Buyer Jacqueline Pak’s adorable pup

What Up Doggie Hoodie
“My new go-to hoodie for the dog park. It’s getting chilly in L.A.! Plus, my mom can spot me a mile away in this awesome bright orange color.”

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